Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January ....

January is in full swing for us. Christmas and New Years has passed and now we are trying to regroup from all the activities and gatherings, focus back on school and home life. The store was busy over the holidays and now seems to be back to the normal flow of grooms, daycare dogs, and a few boarders. This month and next hold lots of doctors and dentist appointments for us, with the first one being today. Jonathan has a GI appointment at 2:30 at T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital in Chattanooga, he hasn't been since September. In November I changed out his G-tube, so they will check his weight and we'll discus what his feeding plan will be. We have stopped the night feedings and Jonathan still seems to be maintaining his weight....this is a first in his lifetime! So, I'm anxious to talk with the doctor today and see what the future plans are for Jonathan and his feedings. However I'm not to excited about getting out in the cold we are having here in the South. We tend to have some cold days but none like the kind we have been experiencing. I very happy that Arthur can go to the the appointment with us. The parking garage at the hospital is always full, meaning we have a long walk in and then another long walk once we enter the hospital to get to the GI office. This way Arthur can let Jonathan, Ruth Ella, and myself off at the door, then go park. Not sure I could do it any other way in this kind of cold, because Jonathan walks so slow. His run is our fast walk, we would be Popsicles by the time we reached the door :) I'll post later what the doctor tells us. Tomorrow Amanda has an appointment with the oral surgeon about getting her wisdom teeth cut out, and Elizabeth starts back to art....if it doesn't snow. When they call for snow in the South it's a 50/50 chance and we believe it when we see it. Then at the sight of a few flakes schools start to close and the whole town acts as though we are going to be snowed in for days....wish we were. We are having some friends over for dinner on Friday and Saturday we are going to Arthur's nephew Christian's birthday party. Making this a very full week, a week of running. I much prefer to be at home and don't enjoy this kind of busy. Yet, weeks like this help me enjoy the down time at home with family all the more.

On another note I've been having some computer issues...UGH!!!! I have lots of Christmas pictures to share and some of a very special birthday party we had at our home on Sunday. The problem being they were loaded to our desk top computer in the craft room and the computer was on all our pictures are locked up in that computer. Thankfully Arthur purchased a new tower a few weeks ago but he hadn't had a chance to get it set up. We have an external hard drive so the pictures are safe, but Arthur hasn't had a chance to move them over to the new desk top computer that he just set up last night. For those of you who don't know I'm old school and love my desk top computer, better than my laptop. So, my laptop doesn't have any pictures on it. Arthur is a laptop person and has been trying to convert me for the past year....guess it's a sloooow process ;) Hope to have pictures and a few new post up by the end of the week.

Hope the start of 2010 is going well for all of you!


JennyH said...

Busy! Hope all the appointments go smooth. I guess I forgot that Jonathon had the G-tube.

Funny his run is your fast walk. Max is SO the opposite. he always has to be the leader. Joe is my super slow one. Ike walks faster than him. SO I have one (or 2 or 3) way up ahead of me and then Joe way behind me. I have to keep saying "wait up" and "hurry up" in different directions.

Hope it warms up some so you don't freeze to death getting out.

Christine @ Live to Learn said...

Glad to see you on your blog again! How else are we supposed to keep up with each other? :) This weather is crazy! I left the house for the first time today out of necessity not desire. :)
Someday before this summer I want to ask you about the art lessons. I got a flyer and think it would be a good fit for Austin, the 10 yo. Stay warm and talk to you soon.
Christine @ Live to Learn

Mrs. Tara said...

Glad things are starting off great for you- they are for us too. I can't wait to hear how it went for Jonathan. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

I can sympathize with enjoying down time at home. I've so missed the cabin as we've been cooped up in Cleveland. I'm enjoying a down day at home today before starting master's classes next week. Good luck with all the appointments, and stay warm! Next week looks much warmer.

Sammy Parris said...

Hope everything went well with that appt. I highly dislike that big parking garage. We had to take Sarah down for an appt. a few days before Christmas. I was like you and glad my hubby could go with us this time. When we finally got in and figured out it was a different place to go they told us our appt. had been rescheduled. Wow what a waste of time 2 days before Christmas. But at least we weren't alone. Glad you all didn't have to walk that big parking garage you're right it is a very cold spot. HAve a great weekend!!! Missy