Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Birthdays!


Was REBEKAH'S 15th Birthday!

This is the snow that we had on Rebekah's birthday.
I thought this was such a neat treat.
The day Rebekah was born we had a big snow mixed with ice,
and that was the last time we have had snow
on February 11th.

Sewing was the theme for Rebekah's birthday.
We bought 3 coordinating fabrics and
hung them
on the kitchen windows to make curtains.
The tree was decorated in ribbon and sewing notions.
The decorations were part of Rebekah's gift.

Rebekah chose to have
spaghetti and meatballs,
and sweet potato rolls
for her birthday dinner.
Rebekah was excited to see the theme.
On our children's birthday they go to our store and work.
Sounds kind of sad but really they like it this way,
because when they get home that evening their party begins.
The birthday person gets to pick out their birthday menu,
that's all they know about the party.
The rest of the family comes up with the theme,
we try
to choose a theme on that persons interest
or around their main birthday gift. So each birthday it's
almost as if the birthday person is getting a surprise party.
We just love to see their faces!

Rebekah with all her brothers

Hard to believe there are 15 candles on her cake!

We had a wonderful evening celebrating


Madison turned 13!!!

Madison's birthday theme was archery.
Madison's birthday meal was
green beans,
baked potatoes,
Duggar rolls.

Madison's birthday was on a Saturday. So we
celebrated his birthday in the afternoon, and ate a late lunch.
Since our business is only opened 3 hours on Saturday this didn't give
us much time. Madison and James stayed down at the
store 2 hours after closing until we were ready,
but they didn't mind waiting.

Madison got an archery set for his birthday,
he's really impressed how archery is an Olympic sport.

Madison had an Oreo ice cream cake for his birthday.

I'm not sure how 13 came so fast!
I'm equally amazed that we now have 4
young adults in our house now...sigh*
It's so much fun all the growing and changing,
each phase full of memories.


Cinnamon said...

Happy Birthday #15 and #13 :-) What cute ideas. I think I'll borrow some of your creative ideas as we have two March birthdays coming up~


Beautifully Veiled said...

LOVE the Birthday ideas! We also do favorite meals, etc. However, you are inspiring me with your "theme". We have a birthday here tomorrow, so I'm going to get busy!!!!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBEKAH AND MADISON!!!! Looks like your dinners were very special!!! :)

Missy said...
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The Penner Family said...


You guys do such a great job with decorating,it looks so cool.

Happy birthday Rebekah,and Madison!
Hope you both have a great year.

The Penner's

misslynda said...

I love how you make the birthdays such a special big deal for each child. What a display of overwhelming love that everyone would help with the theme. The birthday person knows that his or her entire family is thinking and praying about them while planning and decorating.

Does this mean Rebekah will be getting her learner's permit? And Madison is already 13? That's incredible how fast it happened. I keep saying that kids from our library are aging so fast, it makes me feel like Rip VanWinkle.

Missy said...

It looks like you all had great birthdays. I tried to send a comment but I think I deleted it. It's a shame when you always need help on the computer. We love those themes you used too. Missy

Mountain Mama said...

Happy Birthday to Rebekah and Madison!!
Looks like a fun time was had by all.

I like your "theme" idea.

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Madison and Rebekah! I love the theme idea.

AJ said...

Great idea!!! I, too, anticipate in using your ideas for future birthdays!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!


Michelle said...

happy birthday to Rebekah and Madison! what a fun way to celebrate birthdays in your household!

Lisa said...

Hi! I found you through a mutual friend, Linda! Such wonderful things she had to say about you, I just had to come on over and visit! What a beautiful family you are blessed with and I love your birthday ideas. We're always looking for ways to add to our growing birthday traditions...may have to borrow some!