Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Half a year...

Miss Ruth Ella
is 6 months old today!

It's so hard to believe that 6 months has passed by
since Ruth Ella entered this world.
We are loving every minute with her, and still soaking in all the pink.
She loves to be held, rocked, and cuddled.....
of course with her thumb in her mouth.
When she's awake her brothers are all a buzz around her,
doting over her and giving her one toy after another.
All this attention is great, but it also keeps a girl from needing to do for herself.
Miss Ruth Ella can roll from her stomach to her back, but has yet to
master rolling from her back to her stomach.
She hasn't found the need for rolling around or being a little more mobile,
because her brothers will do it for her.
They roll her over, they hold her, sing her songs, and read her books.
William calls her "his" princess, and tells everyone she loves Mama and him best.
(yes he's a little possessive and we're working on that)

Miss Ruth Ella is now eating cereal once a day, and she loves it!
She is now on a wonderful schedule. She takes 2 napes a day and goes to be for the
night between 8:30 and 9:00PM, and sleep until 7:00AM....
this makes her Mama very happy:)


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

What a pretty little girl! And growing up so fast...I am sure she loves her William just as much!!!

Cinnamon said...

She is sooo cute!! That is so funny about her having all that attention. That is definitely a large family trait!! We had it too when Granton was smaller. I didn't think he'd ever walk because his sisters were always picking him up. Now he lets our a cry when they do. Working on that one :-)


Beautifully Veiled said...

She is absolutely precious! And how wonderful to be born in to this world with so many people around to love on you. And claim you as their own!!! Can't wait to meet her!!!

Amy said...

Beautiful!!! Asa says hello too! He has LOTS of attention as well. Emma is the one who thinks he is her baby not her boys baby;) That's what she says!!!! He's rolling both ways, eating ceral, veg., and fruits.

Mountain Mama said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Ruth Ella!

She is beautiful. AND I am sure she loves all of the attention ~ especially by William. What a blessing she must be to your family.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet stage,the first year of life they change and do so many new things. So happy you are able to cherish these precious moments with yet another little one. She is so cute,enjoy!
The Penners

Beth said...

Love it! She'll certainly lead a princesses life with all those brothers to "help" her!!

Sunny said...

What a doll. I'm glad she's letting you sleep at night. We are still working that with Victoria (sigh).

The Coopers said...

She is growing so quickly...as they all do don't they! Adorable!!!

Michelle said...

look at that adorable little face!

also, love the header :)