Monday, March 22, 2010

Memories Monday...daughters

Memories past of our daughters
at 6 months of age....

Fall 1992

Winter 1994

Summer 1995

Amanda, Rebekah, & Elizabeth
June 1995

Amanda, Rebekah, & Elizabeth
Winter 1997
I loved when the girls all matched, it was so much fun!

The present....
March 9th
6 months old

February 2010
Elizabeth, Ruth Ella, Rebekah, & Amanda
Look even with the age "GAP" they can still match!!!!


Anonymous said...

Aww... you girls are all SOOO cute!

LOVE the matching sweaters! :)

Can't wait to see ya!
Only 25 more days!

Love Jen

The Pauls' Family said...

I loved being able to see pics of you girls when you were younger!

Love Ya!

Love Ker
P.s.only 24 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

missy said...

What sweet pictures! I think they looked so much alike in those baby pictures. Just precious! I sent you an email to let you know we are starting the girls study tonight. Hope you all are better and can make it.

Beautifully Veiled said...

What precious babies!!! And now to see them as beautiful, sweet, godly young women. I can't wait to see the pictures 10, 15 years from now!!!!

Amy said...

Love this post!! I would love to have some more girls to along with the boys even though they seem to be higher maintenance than my boys:)

Nicole said...

I think they all looked so much alike at six months :) Beautiful girls! And I too, love the age "GAP" picture! Adorable. Glad that you are all beginning to feel well :)

Mountain Mama said...

So fun to go down memory lane. Your girls are beautiful!

JennyH said...

Love this. Your girls are all so beautiful!

Theresa said...