Saturday, March 27, 2010

Their gone....

With bags packed and a week end of fun ahead Arthur, Elizabeth, Amanda, and Rebekah headed out of town yesterday around 11:00AM. The girls had been looking forward to this weekend for over a year. They are at Callaway Gardens for the Father and Daughter Retreat hosted by Vision Forum. The girls wanted to attend last year but it was sold out when we tried to sign up. This year we watched and as soon as registration was open we signed up. I have talked to them several times, I can tell they are having a splendid time by the excitement in their voices. I know the girls were thrilled about dressing up and being escorted by their Daddy to High Tea this afternoon. I can't wait to see the pictures when they return home, and sit back and hear every detail of the retreat. I'm sure they'll share on their blog as well.

Now for those of us who stayed home, we are holding down the store. Madison, James, Stephen and I worked the store yesterday. It was steady the entire day, making time fly. I haven't worked at the shop a full day since our family had the flu last January, and I never have worked it with an all boy crew. It went well, Madison knows the ropes and the other 2 followed his lead. My mom kept the other 3 boys and Ruth Ella, she's never done that. I believe my mom had a full day as well. Ruth Ella ate cereal and fruit for my mom, but only took a 45 minute nap the whole day. Ruth Ella hasn't ever had a bottle until yesterday, and my mom said she took 4 gulps and refused it! Guess this is what happens when your almost 7 months old and Mama never leaves you. All in all my mother said she did very well. Jonathan is now doing much better, I think it's safe to say he is well :)

In the Munck house we don't go to long between happenings good or bad. So, to make the week end interesting for those of us at home we tossed in an ER visit!!! It wasn't Wesley this time around. Nope the young man that doesn't get mentioned to often on the blog...Madison! To try and make a long story short Madison awoke yesterday morning to a mild itchy rash on his checks and arms, 24 hours later the rash was taking over. Madison face had large whelps that were weepy, his arms were worse and it had spread to his stomach and thighs. I gave him Benadryl and it kept the itching down some. We "ALL" (7 kiddos & I) had to work at the store this morning and as the morning went on the rash was looking worse on Madison's face, driving him batty! At 2:00PM we were going to my nieces birthday party, as soon as we got there my mom (a nurse) looked at Madison and said he needs to see a doctor. After her presents were opened off we went. Madison has poison ivy, which is what we thought. He and his brothers have been clearing out a wooded area behind our house to build a fort, I'm sure he picked it up there. Madison has had poison ivy in the past but not on his face, and he says it's painful. By the time we got to the hospital it had spread to his upper lip, and the corners of his mouth. They gave him Triamcinolone cream to coat on the rash, put him on Prednisone for 9 days, and said to continue to use the Benadryl. I hope the meds kick in fast because before bed he said it's now in other places.

Well, wonder what tomorrow will be like? Tonight I'll be praying for a low key day tomorrow, and thanking Him for all He has done for us.


JennyH said...

Always fun in your house!!

The girls trip sounds fun. I'm sure Arthur is having a blast as well.

Poison Ivy looks and sounds like NO fun. I'm not allergic to it but back in school my best friend was. She got it all the time and it looked painful. Hope the meds kick in soon and he starts to feel relief.

Yay for your mom for taking on a huge challenge. Max was the only child of mine that would take a bottle.

misslynda said...

Poor sweet Madison! He sounds super allergic to poison ivy. That could be dangerous. He will need to be very careful in the future.

I love reading your posts. Even though what you are going through is tiring, you make it entertaining to read.

Amy said...

A large family makes for good entertainment doesn't it:) A friend of mine's daughters and husband went to the same retreat this weekend. Sounds like it would be great:) Hope you the rest of your time together is low key:)

Teena said...

How awesome. I have always wanted my girls to go to that....

that is wonderful....


Beautifully Veiled said...

Can't wait for the pictures!!! And there is one very jealous, but happy for them, 16 yr old here! (not really, but you know what I mean)

We've been wondering how you were going to manage the store! And wouldn't you know Madison WOULD get poison ivy at this particular time! I'll be praying for him and all of you! I got it last year and I have to admit that I now fight fear of weeding our flower gardens. And it shows!! Never was allergic to it before, then WHAM! it blindsided me. Hopefully everything will help. The benadryl did help take the edge off for me, and I had it ALL OVER! Bless his heart!!!

So, tell the girls to get the pictures up PRONTO!!!


jojo said...

Poor Madison our Joshua shares this kind of poison ivy reaction needless to say a couple of years ago he had a similar experience with swollen face and ears and he had to have a shot he is way more careful about it now hope Madison recovers quickly. its neat the girls had such a good weekend with there dad