Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weather in the South...

Last week our weather here in the south looked like this. It was sunny warm and a great day to be outside breathing in the smell of fresh air. A day that looked like we would be saying Good-Bye to winter and Hello to spring.

All the kids went outside and they didn't even need jackets...ah it was so nice. Wesley drove the "jeep" as he calls it around the yard for hours.

James flew the American flag on top of the fort, and they played freeze tag....so not sure what he was doing on top of the fort, but he was having a good time.

The girls were jumping on the trampoline and Amanda got the biggest kid Daddy up there to do a few tricks. Arthur laughs and loves to tell the kids how he took tumbling in college, and passed it with flying colors...he really did! The warm day went by way to fast, and we are looking for many more of those days.


We woke to this....


The snow fell for several hours and it was beautiful.

This was a very heavy wet snow, and covered the ground fast. No playing outside without a jacket today, sad part was as soon as the snow stopped it started melting. So for the past week or so we have had spring like weather and snow. What an odd winter the south has had, but we've loved every minute of it!

The snow was also a reminder of where we were this time last year on our RV TRIP. That was so much fun and we saw and played in loads of snow! The sad part is we were to be in Canada this week visiting with our dear friends the Pauls, playing in snow, eating yummy food, and fellow shipping. We are sad that we had to change the plans because of our business, BUT Lord willing we'll be going to visit them in just a few weeks!
As much as I love the snow and that our children have gotten to play in it, I'm ready for spring and all the "new" that comes with spring. So what about you are you ready for spring?


Dusti said...

So ready for the warm weather. I love how God gives us seasons. I know if it were always the same we wouldn't appreciate each change that comes during the year.

Cinnamon said...

I love your backyard! Why does your snow look cleaner than mine? :-)

We are ready for spring so we can let little Granton play on the trampoline, walk in the green grass, play ball in the yard and smell the flowers. But until then we are enjoying the snow~

Sorry you didn't get to go visiting the Pauls~ Any chance you'll be passing by us on the way up?

You're always welcome to stop in on your way up or your way down~


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Laura said...

It has been a strange winter. I'm ready for spring too. The one snow that we got was nice for about an hour, but I'm not a fan of cold weather! Adam has been talking about how Alaska needs dentists and he thinks that we should seriously consider moving there when he graduates next year. That's going to take some major dying to self for me! :)

Great pictures!

The Pauls' Family said...

Loved the pictures. Wesley looks so 'at home' in his jeep :)

And Arthur....I never knew. Hopefully we can have our trampoline set back p when you come visit and he can demonstrate to us his 'tumbling degree' :)

As for spring....we are ready...ok, more than ready! After we have had snow for 4+ months straight, not to mention lots of COLD! we long for some good warm weather and sunshine and dirt! But we know it will come, it always does....PATIENCE :) And for now we will enjoy and be thankful for the slower pace that winter brings.

AJ said...

Looks like you had a fun day! It is amazing as winter begins, 50 degrees is very cold, but after the end of this winter, it feels like a warm summer day! And we live in S. Texas! I could not imagine your weather, but I know God would give me the strength to get through it!!!
P.S. Hope you get to visit your friends soon!!!

Selena said...

Arthur needs to be the poster "person" for cancer survivor and use this picture!!! What a hoot!!!