Thursday, April 8, 2010

Grandma Elizabeth

(Wesley stood like this on his own, so sweet)

26 years ago
Elizabeth Parson Munck
was called home
by our Lord.

Though our children never
had the chance to meet
their Grandma
face to face,
they know from all the
stories they have heard about
her she was one in a million.
She loved the Lord and her family
beyond measure,
she was a woman of great faith,
she enjoyed sharing God's Word with others,
lead many to the Lord,
she was a nurse with a servants heart,
a prayer warrior,
loved to laugh and gather for fellowships,
and now she is with our Lord

Our children love her very much,
and know one day they will see her
in heaven!


Anonymous said...

How very special that Wesley did this. He may have felt that she was sending him love from above. Wish that they had known her, grandmothers are so wonderful.


Missy said...

Sammy's Mom passed away when Jacob was a newborn but had suffered with the after effects of an anuresym and then major stroke. So they didn't really get to have a close relationship with her like all the other grandkids did. They love to hear stories about her and then both their Papaws that have passed away. Isn't it important to always remember them with our children. Samuel was born one day before Mamaw Dorothy's birthday. She would have been tickled. That picture is so sweet! Missy

Teena said...

reading.... computer crashed. So I can read.... but not comment. I can check from my phone.

LOVE LOVE your pics