Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Birthdays

March 1st
Elizabeth turned 18!!!

For Elizabeth's birthday menu we had
chicken & stuffing,
cooked carrots,
garlic cheese bread.
A giant cupcake
banana pudding
(Elizabeth's favorite)
were dessert for her birthday.

Elizabeth's birthday theme was baking,
one of her favorite hobbies.

The boys helped with the decorations,
and each one designed a giant cupcake to hang.

Elizabeth and Ruth Ella

Rebekah made Ruth Ella a cupcake skirt
to go with the birthday theme.
She was like
a little of the decoration:)

Rebekah also made Elizabeth a cupcake apron.

Sisters...best of friends!

18 candles...WOW!

Elizabeth's birthday seemed to go by so fast,
very much like the past 18 years.
Not sure how it happened but it truly passed
in the blink of an eye.
Arthur and I have so enjoyed the first
18 years watching Elizabeth grow into a lady.
We look forward to the years ahead into adult life,
and pray that she will continue to become like the
Proverbs 31 woman.

We love you

Wesley's 3rd Birthday
We started Wesley's birthday off with a
trip down to the
Tennessee Aquarium.

March 7th
Wesley turned

We came back home to a Cowboy party!

For a city boy Wesley is all about
cows and horses!
Wesley has so much energy
he needs
to be set free to run on a farm.....
not sure how long a farm could handle Wesley;)

The proud "Cowboy" with his cake and presents.

Wesley's birthday menu

Elizabeth's homemade pizza,
raw carrots and celery,
with ranch dip,
(or as Wesley refers to them candy balls)

A lassoing cowboy
tops the cake

3 boot candles

Wesley couldn't wait to get the cowboy
off the top of the cake for a little playtime
with his barn.

Wesley's 3rd birthday
was a very full day,
we had a great day celebrating
Cowboy Wesley!

We love you

(as he calls himself)


Beautifully Veiled said...

You guys have the best birthdays EVER!!! I love the way you decorate EVERYTHING (and sometimes those that move) in the birthday theme. I shall be borrowing your three big girls to help my big girl for our next birthday, thank you in advance...
Love ya'll!

misslynda said...

Your birthdays are so much fun. I am always impressed at how much planning and work goes into your parties. Those pictures and memories will last until they are at least my age!

Amy said...

Your birthday parties always look so fun! The cakes turned out very cute too:) Miss hearing from you. Hope your doing well!!

Missy said...

Looks like you all had great fun times. Love both of those themes! Hope you all are all doing well. Missy

The Pauls' Family said...

Looks like you had GREAT birthdays!

Wesley you and I are buds! I LOVE your theme :)
And in only 9 more days maybe you'll get to ride on a real horsie! :)

Love you all!

The Coopers said...

Love the birthday pics...and the new blog header! Looks like everyone is having fun..seems our children grow much too fast.. the twins were 1 yesterday, and though last year seemed like forever now I look back and think where did the year go? We may be heading your way next month for some much needed time away..desperate to go to the aquariam and to creation museum.

Cinnamon said...

Oh I love all your birthdays! They are so decorative. The cakes are beautiful and I love the little cuppie cake skirt on Ruth Ella!!!

What fun birthdays~ Cinnamon

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm really late but
HAPPY 18 BIRTHDAY Elizabeth!

Looks like you had a great birthday,I hope you have a great year!

I'm so excited,I just cxan't wait to see you again!


JennyH said...

Big happy birthday to them. Those cakes look awesome. Wesley is really into the cowboy business!

Loved all your pictures you share of your family.

Michelle said...

Happy 18th to Elizabeth and 3rd to Wesley! Loved the decorations for each of their parties - so fun!