Friday, May 14, 2010

A broken arm...

On Tuesday of last week Jonathan was playing on the fort in the side yard and fell off and broke his arm (story told to us by Stephen who was with him outside). He came in the house crying and showed Amanda and I his arm and a few scratches on his face. He dried his tears within a few minutes and was back out the door again to play. After dinner the children when out to swim, Jonathan joined in but only for a few minutes. He got out and told us his arm hurt. Arthur looked it over and it looked OK. The next day Jonathan seemed OK, but a few times that day said his arm hurt. We looked at it again and it still looked just fine, he even managed to swim that evening after dinner with no complaints. So, Thursday morning rolls around and as I watch Jonathan trying to get dressed I see he isn't using his arm at all. I call him over and look at his arm A-G-A-I-N this time I see it is a little swollen and warm like as if it had a fever in that area. Now I knew we must go to have it looked at.

Here is the biggest reason Arthur and I had such a hard time knowing if Jonathan's arm was broken or really needed to be seen by a doctor. Jonathan's communication is still very limited, meaning he speaks only about 50 words and not all of them very clear. His sign is pretty good but the processing to put it all together to convey what his needs or wants are aren't always clear either. So this stumped us. You see Jonathan by nature is a pleaser, which is good and bad! The good is that he is sensitive to others feelings BUT the bad is he wants to tell you what he thinks you want to hear. For instance when we would say "Jonathan does your arm hurt"? He would sometimes shake his head yes and point to his arm and say "ouch". Then he would look at us like did I give the right answer. There were times we would say "Jonathan how does your arm feel does it hurt"? He would then give us thumbs up and say "good" smiling shaking his head in agreement like we wanted him to say yes....Oh this can be so confusing to us and to him as well.

Taking him to the doctor 2 days after it was broken was very odd. I wondered what the doctor would think or say about not bringing him in sooner. The doctor took a lot of time and care with Jonathan talking to him and caring for his arm. Before we left the doctor told me that he would have had a hard time knowing whether or not to bring Jonathan too.

Jonathan has a buckle fracture which was caused from him trying to catch himself when he fell. It should be healed within 4 to 6 weeks and he'll back swimming again before we know it :)


The Mayo Family said...

Dear Friends,
Awe what a sweet boy!
Too bad that it broke.
I will tell you this my sister who has three sons...well they have had several broken...arms, wrist, nose, a foot and who knows? They have two times given Tylenol and their son when asked said..."Oh I am fine, it's just a lil' sore"
okay...well a day or so later it still sore only to find out "later" yes, it is broke! So in sharing this ...I am feeling sad your sweet boy has a broken arm and we are praying it will heal properly and with very lil' pain. Their boys have no communication issues and were just thinking it was a lil' hurt and on they went to finish up ..playing, or the game, or to friends! happens and my sis would just be in a muss over it! The Drs. usually said..."this is children for you". :) So do not feel bad.
We will be praying!

Laura said...

Poor guy! What a sweetheart! I hope it heals up quickly.

Amy said...

Hope it heals quickly! We wasn't sure when Abram broke his leg if it was hurt bad enough to go to the doctor either. You see, Abram, was only 16 months old and there were no signs of a problem. No swelling or anything. Only problem for him was that he would not do anything. We knew the next morning when had skipped two meals and refused to walk to get M&Ms when I offered them to him trying to see how bad his leg hurt. When he refused to go get the M&Ms, I knew there was something definitely wrong!!!

JennyH said...

Awe- poor guy. Hope it heals fast. Sam broke hers (but both bones in the forearm were broke) and it healed very fast! She did have to have it reset about a week or 2 after it happened though. However she was only 3 at the time so I bet that has something with fast healing.

I like the bold red cast though!

Lyndi said...

That would be hard to figure out. When communication isn't in place, it's hard to know. LOVE the red cast, makes him look extra tough! Hope it heals quickly so he can get back in the pool!!

Mountain Mama said...

What a tough guy!
Red is my favorite color and suits him well.

Heal quickly!

Christine @ Live to Learn said...

Ahhh! So sorry to hear this news. Joshua finally got his cast off Monday. It must be more common to have a delay between the break and a dr visit, based on your comments. :) How were you able to get it set at a drs office? That would have been nice to skip the ER.