Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A few pictures from our week end....

On Saturday we attended
Melissa (my niece) & Rob's
It was a beautiful day so we thought it
would be a great day to take a few pictures.
So here are a few random shots,
along with some new ones on the sidebar....


Cinnamon said...

I love the new header picture of the children....BEE---YOU---TEE---FUL :-)

And all the other updated pictures on the side are great. You are always so colorful in what your family wears. I love it!


Shelby said...

they're all lovely. the header especially

Lisa said...

Yes, love the new photos! Such a beautiful family. I think Linda mentioned to me that you like the Maxwell's...I got to meet them last Friday night at a convention (ENOCH). Saw their keynote session on Keeping Your Children's Hearts, and then spent a little time with Sarah. Talked to Teri a bit, too. Such a wonderful family. I'm going to be reading through their three "managers" books this summer, looking forward to making some changes!

Beautifully Veiled said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!, inside and out!! I love it that your family is exactly on the inside what we see on the outside--beautiful! Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures. Your daughters are the epitome of christian beauty. Such a refreshing sight in this day and age!
Love you all, and sorry for keeping you up so late last night, I had NO idea it was sooo late!!!


Beth said...

Great pictures!!!!

Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures both in the post & also on your sidebar. I also love the descriptions of each child that you have.

The Pauls' Family said...

LOVE the pictures!
Especially the one of you and Uncle Arthur... so cute :)


Candi said...

Great new pics...I'm always amazed how you can get all to look...especially the younger ones

Mountain Mama said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family.


misslynda said...

I know it's been said on all the comments but the pictures are GORGEOUS! You all always manage to get everyone looking good in a group shot. And your girls' teeth look perfect - - - - beautiful smiles on everyone.

JennyH said...

You have such a beautiful family.

You do such a great job at getting pictures of your family.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Great pictures!!! The Lord has blessed you with a beautiful family!

The Mayo Family said...

Oh Dear family~
What a "Beautiful" family!
God has blessed you all so much!
Beautiful photos & love the outfits!
Love & prayers~
Mayo's x's 10

Amy said...

These pictures are incredible!!!!