Monday, August 16, 2010

The gift of friendship...

This is the story of an unlikely friendship, and how it began. It may have been unlikely, but when ordained by God nothing is impossible!

It began in February 2008. This is when I decided I would start a family blog. I had several friends I followed on blogs, I thought this would be a great way for family and friends to keep up with our ever changing family. It was also a great way to chronicle about our life for our children.

So, I began to look for a name for our blog. My first choice for a blog name was "Life In Our Quiver", I checked and that name was taken. My first thought was, well now what name, that was the name I wanted! My next thought was, I wonder who this family is that has the blog name Life In Our Quiver"? I felt compelled to go and read their blog. This is what I found and then over time began to see how God orchestrated the whole friendship...

This family wasn't from the United States, they were from Manitoba, Canada!

This is the family I saw on their blog, The Mark and Rosalie Pauls family. Their family at that time had 10 children in their quiver. I knew they were from Canada, but what were they like? I began to read and found out that they were a family who lives out in the country, their land is flat and you can see for miles, they farm for a living, home school, in the winter it's cold and snows "lots", they are all about team work, as a family they enjoy playing hockey, they like to watch/play football, they are a very close family, and strive to live their lives for the Lord according to His will.

Now here is where we are, The Munck family! We live in the United States down south in Tennessee, almost 1,600 miles from the Pauls family!

This was our family and what others may see from our blog at that time and think about us. We were a family with 9 children in our quiver. We live in the city 2 miles from Wal-Mart, we own a family business, home school, we have very mild winters and "hot" summers, we like to swim, we are all about team work, we are surrounded by mountains, lakes, and rivers, we love holidays and birthday parties, we are a very close family, and strive to live our lives for the Lord according to His will.

As you can see we are very different families! Yet, if you look at the core of each family you would see we are profoundly alike! Family, faith, and Christ being the most important to both families. I began to read their blog, and over time saw we had extremely close beliefs. Then their was a post that really hit home with me, it was a post on education/home school. The post was exactly the beliefs that Arthur and I have about education/home school. That day when I left Rosalie a comment I also gave her my email address and ask her to email me, this was in May of 2008. Rosalie emailed me and we began to correspond with each other a few times a month. In this time our friendship began to grow and we started to really see how much our families had in common. In late summer of 2008 our family decided we would take a trip north in the winter, and Lord willing we would go and visit the Pauls family. This seemed so odd for both families because we had never talked on the phone. This meant 23 people meeting face to face, and praying that it would be as right in person as it had been so many months from all the emails. Our children and husbands had never emailed, they had just read each others blogs, and trusted 2 mamas!

In March 2009 the Muncks traveled to Canada to the Pauls' home. The fellowship and memories made where more than what we anticipated. Our visit to the Pauls home was just the beginning.

July of 2009 the Pauls family drove from Canada all the way to Tennessee to visit us!!! Here are a few pictures of our first 2 visits.

In April of 2010 we hopped in our van with U-Haul in tow and set off for Canada. The feelings about this visit to the Pauls in Canada was immensely different from the first time. We weren't going to visit friends on this trip, we were going to visit "family"! To call them friend seems inadequate, and lacks the magnitude of relationship. Now we have become one big family, and with technology at our fingertips we all email and Skype, helping fill in the void of time between visits. Lord willing the Pauls will be coming to visit us in the fall. We all look forward to that time and we are counting down the days. The time in fellowship with them always seems fleeting, and we long for more. When we have to part ways it always gives us the Pauls blues, yet, we know to be thankful for being blessed by the Lord with a friendship of this nature. A friendship that not just one or 2 family members clicks and gets along, but one that we all (both families) come together and fit like a puzzle! Now we share in each others burdens, joys, blessings, sadness, spiritual growth, prayers and more. As I said this was and is a friendship that was orchestrated and ordained by God!

Iron sharpeneth iron: so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27:17 Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Pictures of our trip in April coming.......


Shelby said...

hooray for both families. i've enjoyed getting now both families through the internet

Laura said...

That is so wonderful!! You and Rosalie are both an inspiration to me, and I love reading your blogs. Thanks for your Godly example. :)

Cinnamon said...

I know exactly what you mean. We've had a few similar experiences and it is amazing to have it all work out. God is amazing!!


Theresa said...

Tears in my eyes. I love stories that show God's fingerprints so clearly!

Emily said...

How awesome. God is so awesome! What a great witness of His orchestration.

Emily said...

How awesome. God is so awesome! What a great witness of His orchestration.

The Mayo Family said...

Absolutly sweet,
God is so good to us!
We rejoice that God brought your families together!
Enjoy your sweet friendship!
Blessings from our home~

jeremy and/or laura said...

So neat to hear your side of the story. may your time together be life giving and may you all be amazed at how He has brought you together... Have a great time making beautiful memories.