Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day....
is it truly just one day out of the year?

I don't think so, I believe it's
365 days a year!
Here are a few examples....

*the snuggles I receive each morning
*family devotions
*the holding hands while out walking/shopping
*giggles and smiles
*the smell of baby breath
*giving baths
*piggy back rides
*hand and nose smudges on the windows
*watching infants turn into toddlers
*reading story books aloud
*talks about the Bible
*kissing a boo-boo
*rocking a baby
*watching children run
*watching toddlers turn to kids
*Lincoln Logs
*tasting children's cooking
*a scribbled picture
*first words
*night time chats with teenagers
*the glow of life in their eyes
*baby wearing
*watching kids change into young adults
*board games and snacks
*first time drivers
*funny faces
*a new life lesson
*singing songs
*dreams of the future
*Barbie dolls
*cotton candy
*tears of joy and sadness
*watching my children sleep
*listening to a CD
*backyard football
*big girls day outs
*watching boys learn to build
*playdough sculptures
*the babies smooth soft skin against your cheek

*a few wild flowers picked from the yard and placed in a plastic cup
and given to me to display on the living room table

Yep! that's just to name a few!!!
Mother's Day is every day!

I'm a Mother to 10 wonderful gifts
ranging in age from
18yrs down to 8 months,
each one created so unique.
Life is never dull
and always full.
I wouldn't want it any other way ;)


Cinnamon said...

So true!! What a sweet run down daily moments from our little ones (and big ones) :-)

Happy Mothers Day ~Cinnamon

jojo said...

Well said my friend well said!!!!

Amy said...

Happy Mother's Day! Even though it is late, we get to celebrate it with them every day:)

Mountain Mama said...

Yep! Mothers Day is a daily thing. And what a great thing!!

Happy Mothers Day - a smidgen late! :-)


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Great post!!!

Theresa said...

Loved this post and I borrowed the last couple of lines. Hope that's ok. Love you.