Friday, May 28, 2010

The unexpected....

Today we were given some unexpected weather, tornado mixed with rain, thunder, lightning, and lots of hail.

It came down fast and hard leaving no spot untouched.

The wind was fierce and whipped limbs from trees.

In our area there were trees totally uprooted and substantial of roof damage.

After the hail stopped, the rain was still coming down at a steady pace we knew what would be coming next.....The Creek!!! Yep, our backyard would soon be under. So, we'd need to get out there and gather up a few items that could wash away.

Elizabeth and William suited up and headed out. Arthur and 4 children were at the store, this being Memorial weekend the store is busy with boarders. So, Elizabeth and William were our flood crew today, and they did a mighty fine job ;)

Elizabeth took down the volleyball net in record time. See the creek behind them had already started making it's way out into the yard.

William did a fine job gathering up the sports cones, and putting the balls back in their proper spots. I believe he enjoyed his time out in the rain, it was an adventure making feel like one of the bigs.

Within 15 minutes time of Elizabeth and William coming back in the house this is what our backyard looked like.

Then the power cut off, and we were without power for about 2 hours. The water is now down and we are left with a mess.

We are thankful that none of our neighbors, family, and friends were harmed in the storm. Yes, we may all have some clean up to do but, it could have been much worse.


misslynda said...

We are near Hopewell School and never got the hail. Also, the winds were not as strong. When we went into town on North Ocoee, we were very surprised at the tree damage.
I know it only happens a few times a year but is there any way to build a levee or would it not help unless neighbors did the same?

The Penners said...

So thankful your family is all safe. God is good inspite of unfavorable conditions. Was this kind of weather in the forecast? We have had alot of rain in our area this week as well,but no flooding

JennyH said...

That's A LOT of water!

Glad all was OK and saved from being washed away.

We had rain and hail too but it was so weird-- it would be pouring then 10 feet down the road be dry then a little farther pouring. (I was driving by the way!) Nothing like what you have pictured.

Amy said...

Praise the Lord that all of you were safe with no damage!!! Thank goodness you have a nice size crew to help with the clean-up :)

PS. Rob and I saw lightning strike the ground in a field on our way home today from our visiting family trip in N. LA today! Cool but a little scary~

Teena said...

wow that is a lot of rain... thankful you are alright.

Love the pics below... so pretty.. the kids.

enjoy your blog... do not always comment but read. :)


Beth said...

WOW!! Glad you guys are ok!