Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time in the kitchen...

Summer is a great time for eating and cooking fresh veggies. It's also a great time to think about putting up veggies for fall and winter months. So, Rebekah and I cut up lots of squash to put up for coming months.

Putting up veggies just got easier, and lots more fun! Our friend Miss Lynda saw our post about our love for peas, and noticed we were using plain old freezer bags to store our peas. Well, Miss Lynda recommended the FoodSaver to us. I went to work researching the FoodSaver. Then I consulted Arthur about the FoodSaver, he thought it would be a good investment and gave me the go ahead to purchase one. Rebekah and I sealed up 13 quarts of squash in a matter of minutes. Using the FoodSaver was so much fun, it made the job seem like a game....I know it takes little to entertain me :) Thanks Miss Lynda for the tip ;)

Yesterday, I got busy in the kitchen with a few projects. I cooked several pounds of ground beef for future meals, then placed it in the freezer.

I cooked up some sweet potatoes to make into baby food for Miss Ruth Ella.

I saved the Gerber plastic containers for homemade baby food, they even work well for freezing.

After the sweet potatoes (SP) cooled I label the lids. The nice thing about the labels is that they peel right off, making it easy to reuse the Gerber containers.

Now there were enough sweet potatoes left that I could make my kids favorite roll/biscuit. Our kids love sweet potato biscuits so much that they'll choose eat them over dessert. They taste best when made with fresh ground wheat. I got this recipe from the Bread Beckers cookbook, I also really like their website along with all their products.

These are drop biscuits, we have found that an ice cream scooper makes a great size biscuit.

The sweet potato biscuits were gobbled up quick last night with dinner. With this just being the start of summer I know we have many long days ahead of us in the kitchen canning, cooking, and eating. I'm looking forward to it, because along with all of those things comes wonderful fellowship with loved ones.


misslynda said...

I am so happy you like the FoodSaver. I would have been more than glad for you to have borrowed mine first so you could have tried it before making the investment.
You definitely have had a busy time in the kitchen but it sounds like it was a bit of fun. Don't you love seeing your food options fill up the freezer? To me, it is easier to do a BIG shopping trip, then have a big food/freezer preparation day in order to not visit the grocery store again for a while except for produce, milk, etc.! Yes, the day of cooking and/or freezing is tiring but it saves time and energy later on.

Cinnamon said...

What a wonderful post. I love time in the kitchen with the kids. Such fun memories and all their laughter makes it so much more pleasant :-)

I like the food saver idea....have to ponder that one~


JennyH said...

Aren't you fancy!? Those biscuits look and sound yummy!

I had a food saver but got rid of it a couple years ago. I just didn't use it as much as I thought I would. However, I don't freeze a bunch of veggies like you do. I wish I had a garden that big.

I love those Gerber containers. I still use them for snacks for the kids. Then if they get smashed it's no biggie.

The Pauls' Family said...

Memories are made in the kitchen :) Love your post...thanks!

We have a Food Saver too and really enjoy using it. And it keeps food so nice and fresh, and no ties fall off :)

Love and hugs to you all.


Theresa said...

I just want to hang with you for one day in hopes that you rub off on me. LOL.

Love you and your family! Wish we could get together some time.

The Coopers said...

Love the Foodsaver idea! We just finished up beans and did some corn..still working on that though..the foodsaver would be great for our corn! I never thought about browning my hamburger and then freezing it. I totally love the labeler thinging too!!! I freeze the twins baby food in ice cube trays and then pop them out into a freezer bag. If I had the Gerber food holders I would do that too...great idea!

Maybe one weekend we can come for a visit since we didn't get to in May... :) ~hugs~


Missy said...

It's that time of year, isn't it. The Food Saver sounds gret. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying these hot days. Missy

Emily said...

The Foodsaver is on my list of future purchases. : ) And I too support the Bread Beckers. I have the cookbook with the SP biscuits but have never made them. I am putting git on my to cook list!!! Thanks for the recommendation. I am always looking for good fresh flour recipes!

Christine @ Live to Learn said...

I'm trying real hard to not have appliance envy! :) We have talked several times about a food saver. I like how it seals food perfectly, unlike the bags that always seem to have some air left in them. I heard you can reuse the bags, fromnon meat items, they just tend to be smaller the second time around. Have you tried that? Do you love your grain mill? I'm not quite ready for one but it's on my list too. ;)
We have a trying last few weeks, months. My grandma died two weeks ago and it's been an adjustment. I do want to get together though. I have a friend due in November and I think she might want to use the diapers. Are you using cloth now? We're still about half and half.
PS Austin loved his art classes and is looking forward to classes this fall. :)