Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Celebrating another year....

Happy Anniversary

Dating years...
Time of Engagement....

Then we became 1!!!

A year later 1992 came Elizabeth...

Then in 1993 came Amanda....

Now a family of 4!

By Mother's Day 1995 Rebekah joined our family...

Now we were a family of 5!

In February of 1997
God gave us our first son Madison!

Easter 1998 our family was now a family of 6!
October 9, 1998
We were given a special gift Jonathan,
We had a few grown up events to attend,
I always love being at your side!

Spring 1999
we were now a family of 7 and finding our groove!

Fall of 1999

Fall of 2000 was beautiful and
by then we were looking forward to baby #6 James.
(all pictures of our family at that this time are on another computer,oops!)
James made his way into our family on November 13, 2000
bringing us to be a family of 8!
Life was very full at this point,
but you always made sure there was still time for US!
It seemed like time was flying it was now Easter 2003
and we had welcomed Stephen into our family.
Winter 2003
Winter of 2004
this was the start of chemo!
Fall 2004 and 4 months after chemo,
we were given William.
Now we were a family of 10!

Summer 2005
at this point there wasn't a dull moment ;)

Fall 2006

Christmas 2007

Great Doggie Doos
Christmas 2008
Wesley was born in March of 2007
making us a family of 11!

Father's Day 2009
Baby #10 to arrive the end of summer.

Fall 2009
now a family of 12,
Ruth Ella joined our family in September!

Winter 2010
Look we finally have big kids who can take pictures of us:)

Easter 2010

I feel very blessed to be married to my best friend.
Over the years we have shared much joy with births of children,
working side by side in our family business and home,
mission trips, vacations,
and just our plain and simple daily life.
Along with all of that we have had times of trial
debt, loss of loved ones, the sale of our business,
career changes, having a child born with special needs,
Arthur's battle with cancer, a miscarriage, and
other fiery darts being thrown our way.
But by keeping the lines of communication open and
seeking the Lord in these times,
we have not only grown in our faith
but also closer to one another.

I love you so much Arthur and thank God daily for you.


Laura said...

Happy Anniversary!! I loved seeing all of the pictures. :)

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I love seeing all of the pictures from your past and how your family has grown :)

Cinnamon said...

How fun to walk through the years with you! You guys are soo adorable!

~Happy Anniversary~


misslynda said...

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man! And those years flew by very, very quickly!

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary! You have such a beautiful family!

Valerie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :) Praying for many, many more years of joy and happiness for you and your family.

Beth said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a great post!!!

Mountain Mama said...

What a fun timeline and great post of you and your husband's journey through the years.

Happy Anniversary!

JennyH said...

What a beautiful post!! Loved the pictures. Elizabeth looks so much like you.

You have a beautiful family. Happy Anniversary!

Missy said...

We really enjoyed seeing all those pictures. Hope everyone is doing well! Missy

Theresa said...

I have so much to catch up on. I forgot we have the same wedding anniversary...the 27th, right? I love the pictures. You haven't changed much at all...aging very gracefully. I love you friend. May you be blessed with many more years of marriage. Was this 19 years? WOW!

Michelle said...

happy belated anniversary and many more wonderful years together!