Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christmas in July

At the Munck house Friday nights are family night, we always have a fast supper and super sweet dessert.... YUM!!! Then we either have a game night or Moo-B (as Wesley calls it) night. A month or so back Elizabeth and I talked it over and thought it would be fun to have a theme night once a month. So, last week was our first family theme night, Christmas in July. The 2 new ginger bread houses that were still in the box from December were our inspiration behind the theme. Friday morning Elizabeth and I got busy knowing we only had until 5pm to transform our kitchen. We hadn't told the other children (the 5 older children worked at the shop with Arthur that day)what the theme was, so this made it more exciting. Here are some pictures from our evening.....

Our kitchen tree was decorated with Christmas balls in red with the nativity on them, and the clear with snow flakes.

Elizabeth baked ginger snap cookies which filled the house with the aroma of Christmas.

The table was set with our Christmas cloth, and we had Christmas music playing in the back ground.

We all laughed because it was somewhat hard to think of it being Christmas when the weather outside had been 95 that day.

When the children arrived home they changed out of their Great Doggie Doos clothes into their Christmas motif.

Each one of the children had a small token gift to open, they received a small ornament for the Christmas tree.

We had Christmas movies out for our Moo-B night.

We also had a craft before the Moo-B.

The children made finger puppets, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Wise Men, Angels, and a Lamb. We purchased 2 of these kits from Hobby Lobby for just $2.99 a piece. Our children have enjoyed the puppets and believe it our not they have held up well.

Then came the ginger bread houses, and a little competition to see who could build the best house in 15 minutes.

The littles set to work decorating accent pieces while the bigs assembled the houses. The pressure was on because we saw all to soon that 15 minutes wasn't enough time, so we added 5 more minutes. With icing, powdered sugar, and candy being tossed about I was shocked the houses turned out so well. So who won the competition.....

Team #1 and our house....

Team #2 and their house........
Team #2 WON!!!! Their house was awesome and packed full of sweet goodies!

This is what happened to the houses as soon as the winner was announced.....

they were eaten......

they were licked.....

and they were messy!
It only took those who ate the houses a few minutes to see that a few bites was all they could handle, before they were going to go into a sugar coma. Our first theme night was a success!
As we were sitting at the table enjoying the fellowship, music, and mood of the evening, we saw how nice it was to have Christmas in July. The Christmas mindset of celebrating Christ birth should be every day not just December or July! How thankful we are for the babe born of a virgin, in a stable, grew to be a man who knew no sin, yet died on a cross for our sins, rose from the grave, and ascended into heaven to prepare a place for you and I.
I am the good sheperd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.
John 10:11


Missy said...

That looks like you had so much fun. What a great idea to have a theme night. Missy

misslynda said...

Oh what fun and we got to enjoy much of it, too! That was a lot of work but what great dividends it paid in memories. Thanks for sharing with us.

Rebecca Pauls said...

That looks like so much fun! I'll have talk to Josh about doing that some time. (; Maybe in a bunch of years when I can have Children on my side.:) Hope you have a great day!
We miss you!!
Love Josh Becca and Andrew

Amy said...

That looked like a fun time!! Love the idea of a family night.

The Pauls' Family said...

Hey Ya'll!

Looks like ya'll had a blast!
Both the houses look great! good job team 2!

Love you and miss ya'll like crazy!

Love Ker

P.s. Jaden told me to say he can't wait to meet Ya'll in November:)

Amanda said...

I've always loved Christmas in July. It looks like you all had a ball!

My name is Sarah said...

How cool is that!!! Looks like such a fun family event.

Anonymous said...

We had a "Half-way to Christmas" party in June on family night and drew names within the nine of us. We make the gifts so it gives us a little extra time to work on them (except for us procrastinators who will put it off anyway!) It was good meeting you in San Antonio. We've enjoyed looking at your blog.
Beverly Moss

JennyH said...

that looks like so much fun. I think they all enjoyed it!

Great photos. Good job team #2.

Mountain Mama said...

Great idea and very creative! Looks like lots of fun and yummies.

Merry Christmas!

Teena said...

How cool! What fun! Thanks for sharing. I need to do more of this... kinda fun stuff.

My kids are growing up, and time is getting away from us.

I am a bit sad.

Thanks for always sharing how fun life with many is...

You encourage me.