Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ouch my finger!

I loved the comment our friend Amanda left on our Word Wednesday post....

Ouch is right! It looks very painful. I feel sorry for the owner of that finger.

The owner of this finger is Madison! It was very painful and he "did" say OUCH! along with look turning as white as a sheet!

Over the 4th of July week end Great Doggie Doos was very busy with boarding dogs. Arthur and Madison headed out early on Saturday morning to feed, water, and walk dogs. About 30 minutes after they left the house I received a phone call telling me Madison had cut his finger, and that an ER trip was needed! So, long story short Madison cut his finger while opening a can of dog food. It was a pop top can, I was surprised the cut was so deep. Madison got 4 stitches and was given a little something extra a tetanus shot, which he said was worse than the stitches. We were in and out of the ER in 1 hour and 8 minutes, truly record time. Since the whole process was so fast it gave Madison and I time to do a little shopping (everyone needs a treat after an ER trip, and a snack). Then back to the house for an afternoon with our family. Madison's finger is healing well and he'll get his stitches out on Monday.


misslynda said...

Tetanus shots are rough - - and they gain more soreness the day after you receive them!
Just reading what happened to Madison made my stomach hurt. I do pray he heals quickly without any complications.

JennyH said...

ER should really have "frequent shopper" cards for families that like to visit the ER so much!! :)

That sounds rather painful. Glad he is healing nicely though.