Sunday, July 18, 2010


Sick well my laptop is sick.....
Not sure if it caught a virus, or it's just a hiccup?
Really hoping it's a hiccup and not a virus!

I have loads of pictures to post from the Baby Conference and San Antonio, along with details of the sessions. It was amazing how much they packed into 3 days, and yet we wished it had been longer.

I also have a few other random pictures and stories to share, now if my laptop would just get well "fast"! Our sweet friend Richard is going to come and doctor the laptop tomorrow, he's always life saver.

If you haven't been to the girls blog in awhile they have posted a few things, you may want to drop by for a visit ;)

Be back soon.....


misslynda said...

Praying for a quick healing!!! We love reading your posts.

Cinnamon said...

Seems computer troubles are making their rounds in bloggy land :-(

I'm looking forward to reading all about the baby conference. It sounded wonderful from what I've read on the Vision Forum blog.


Amy said...

Hope it gets fixed quickly! Looking forward to your posts :)