Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Birthdays: PART 2

September 9th

Ruth Ella turned 1

We started the day off by eating brunch at Cracker Barrel, a family favorite!

Then we headed to Downtown Disney, to walk off the brunch, take in some sites, and visit a few of our favorite shops.

The boys love this toy store "Once Upon a Toy" (OK, all of us really like this store). It has a great area where they sale potato heads and any accessory you could think of. The nice part is the kids are free to build the potato heads, for hours if they wanted. We normally stand back and watch them create. After they have built/played with the potato heads until their all built out, we move on and look at all the toys in the store. They have cars, Legos, books, movies, balls, board games, stuffed animals, candy, dress up clothes, you name it they have it! After all that we headed on to prowl in a few more shops.

The Basin store, ah I can smell the store now.....such a pleasant aroma :) You would think that the kids wouldn't like this store but they love it. This store sales soaps, candles, bath salt, etc. The reason the boys love it is because all the products are out in the open for you to smell, along with small sinks for sampling the products....yes we all sampled, it was fun! We walked away with the softest best smelling hands around.

We then walked and took in several more stores like the Christmas shop, Kitchen shop, and The Disney Store. Before we left Downtown Disney we planned one last very important stop to.....

This is where we sampled some amazing chocolate, so smooth and rich. That wasn't the only reason we stopped, we stopped off for some amazing birthday ICE CREAM to celebrate William and Ruth Ella!!!

As you can tell from the faces this was a HUGE treat, and everyone enjoyed their ice cream. Before we left for our trip 3 very special people to us Aunt Jamie, Uncle Mike, and Hanna gave the children some money to spend on the trip. Having ice cream from the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain for William and Ruth Ella's birthday was one of the things they chose to spend the money on, it truly was a treat for us all!!!

This was the start of our day the rest of the day is to come, we tried to pack in as much as possible in one day!

September Birthdays: PART 1

Another overdue birthday post...

William turned 6 on September 8th

We had a little birthday party for him on Sunday, September 5th, because we knew on his actual birthday we would be in the van driving to Florida.

To go along with our trip to Florida, the theme was Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse and his friends are a very cheery bunch!

William was very excited and happy to have his birthday supper early, so I could make him a cake. If, you haven't noticed our family really likes cake (I make them but, don't care for cake) and ice cream....YUM!!!!

Make a wish ?!?!?!

With the imagination of a 6year old you never know what they wish for :)


In September we had 2 birthdays
one on the 8th
one on the 9th!!!

It seems we celebrated these 2 birthdays for over a week.
I have several post scheduled over the next few days of
these birthdays, to share the fun of how we celebrated!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flash Card Fun

Flash Cards and Fun, do those 2 words really mix?!?

For years these are the flash cards we have used. The thought of using them again this year just didn't appeal to me. After homeschooling for 10 years I know that if Mama isn't excited about the books, resources, or manipulatives then NOBODY is going to be excited about them! Knowing that William would be using flash cards a lot, I set out to create new flash cards.

I made sight word flash cards using the Scholastic reader word list for kindergarten and 1st grade (this list goes hand in hand with the Bob books). I used scrapbook stickers to spell out the words on 3x5 cards. This project was very inexpensive. The stickers Elizabeth and I found in a clearance section at Wal-Mart 6 sheets for less than a $1, and the 3x5 cards I purchased during the back to school sale 100 cards for 33cents a pack. So, this didn't become my project I had William help, this way he could take some ownership in the flash cards.

The next step was to laminate the cards. I used the large laminating sheets, which we received free when we purchased the laminator. So, there was zero cost in the laminating.

Now all that was left was the cutting.

Finally we had new sight word flash cards, that we placed in an index card box. I purchased the index box during the school supply sale as well, costing only 55 cents. For less than $2 we have new colorful flash cards. This project was once again proof that it doesn't take lots of money to homeschool. Here is what was priceless the time spent with William making the cards and lasting memories;)

Now flash cards are FUN!!!
William loves the cards so much, and has taken much pride in them. I now see he will have them mastered soon!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Memories Moday

APRIL 2010

We made a quick stop by Mall of America on our way to Canada. It was a very windy cold day and we had to park really FAR away. We bundled up and ran for the door.

The mall was massive truly bigger than what we thought. We knew there were theme park rides in the mall, but we never imagined the mall would be like this! Thankfully the kids didn't ask to go on any of the rides, it was very expensive! (so call me cheap) They really enjoyed taking in all the sites.

The girls and Ruth Ella enjoyed the American Girl store, and they wished Ruth Ella was just a little older so they could buy her one.

The boys thought the Lego store was so cool, and couldn't get enough of the Lego creations.

To sum up or trip to Mall of America we walked, looked, and took a potty break , then back to the van. Our whole Mall of America experience lasted about 2 hours total, as I said quick trip.

As you can tell from the pictures we hit the most important areas, the things the kids liked ;)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


This post is way overdue!


Amanda's cake had a surprise inside, her cake was made by Elizabeth and Rebekah.

We Incorporated Amanda's 2 favorite colors blue and green into the birthday theme.

Amanda's theme was gems (for her beading) and flowers.

The birthday meal was....

Taco Soup,
Nachos supreme,
Salsa, and dip

This is what Amanda saw when she walked in.

The picture on the table is Amanda's 17 birthday picture.

We placed beads all over the tree, and Amanda's green fairy on the top.

Amanda is now a lady, seventeen years have come and gone faster than I can believe.

Out of all our children Amanda loves her birthday more than any of them, and it's not because of presents. She starts talking about her birthday months before, and when her day arrives she is all a glow! I love to see the joy she gets from her birthday.

Elizabeth gave Amanda a quilt in a bag, Amanda had had her eye on it for some time. It's a great summertime throw or picnic quilt. Amanda placed it in her hope chest for later use.

Ruth Ella sitting with Amanda as she opened her gift, more beads for bracelets ;)

Finally, it was cake time! The cake surprise, it was 3 layers vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry...YUMMMMM

Friday, September 24, 2010

Meeting Blog Friends...

(picture taken after lots of playing and talking, by a nice stranger)

This was a meeting of 3 blog friends and their families!

Laura of Six Little Arrows .... I have been reading Laura's blog for 2 years, and she lives 7 or so hours from us. Adam, Laura's husband was working (schooling) a little over an hour from our city, so we thought what a great chance to finally meet outside the blog world!

Emily of Ponder The Path ....I have been reading her blog for almost 1 year, and she only lives about 40 minutes from us. This wasn't our first meeting with Emily, Jeremy, and their sweet children. A few months ago we pulled into church and a van pulled up next to us and our girls yelled, "look who that is Emily"! So, we meet Emily, Jeremy, and the children unexpectedly, again outside the blog world!


Along with 3 blog Mamas came, 3 fantastic husbands, 9 precious daughters, and 10 energetic sons! We meet at a park for a suppertime picnic and some, good old fellowship.

There was lots of talking, encouraging.....










Making fast friends.....

And running until it became dark!!!!

It seemed like the few hours we had were gone within moments, yet each moment was filled with fun memories. What a gift it is to be able to meet blog friends face to face!