Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flash Card Fun

Flash Cards and Fun, do those 2 words really mix?!?

For years these are the flash cards we have used. The thought of using them again this year just didn't appeal to me. After homeschooling for 10 years I know that if Mama isn't excited about the books, resources, or manipulatives then NOBODY is going to be excited about them! Knowing that William would be using flash cards a lot, I set out to create new flash cards.

I made sight word flash cards using the Scholastic reader word list for kindergarten and 1st grade (this list goes hand in hand with the Bob books). I used scrapbook stickers to spell out the words on 3x5 cards. This project was very inexpensive. The stickers Elizabeth and I found in a clearance section at Wal-Mart 6 sheets for less than a $1, and the 3x5 cards I purchased during the back to school sale 100 cards for 33cents a pack. So, this didn't become my project I had William help, this way he could take some ownership in the flash cards.

The next step was to laminate the cards. I used the large laminating sheets, which we received free when we purchased the laminator. So, there was zero cost in the laminating.

Now all that was left was the cutting.

Finally we had new sight word flash cards, that we placed in an index card box. I purchased the index box during the school supply sale as well, costing only 55 cents. For less than $2 we have new colorful flash cards. This project was once again proof that it doesn't take lots of money to homeschool. Here is what was priceless the time spent with William making the cards and lasting memories;)

Now flash cards are FUN!!!
William loves the cards so much, and has taken much pride in them. I now see he will have them mastered soon!


misslynda said...

The cards have such happy colors and variety. You had fun doing them, too, and created some fun memories. That's what I loved about homeschooling - - - it is FUN to learn. And that fun continues through adulthood.

Cinnamon said...

What great ideas you have :-)

I have never enjoyed flashcards but they can be useful, that much I will admit. So I have scheduled an older child to do flashcards with a younger child. Works for me, them and everyone is happy :-)


Lands Family Led by the Lord said...

What a fun idea. I also like to have my older children sit down with the younger ones and use flash cards.

Have a blessed day,

Beth said...

Those look awesome!! I love them!!!!

Amy said...

These look great!!!

Anna said...

this burned out homeschool mom says "THANK YOU!" Ive been trying to think of a way to make cards for newly adopted daughter. Was thinking of photos and wondering how to do the lettering so it would stand out! Now I just need to find the photos to use and pray I can find letters as cute as the ones you used!

Emily said...

Oh this is great! I am bookmarking it for later use. : )

The Mayo Family said...

Dear Laura,
I love these!
I just this year went to go buy new paper for our words (we always hang words we struggle with & at our local print shop they cut the 'card stock' paper thats left over into nice size stacks (like the size of a flash card)a huge stack and sell them for .25 cents so I have to here & there do a new set etc...so now I am thinking hum...a laminater! This is so cleaver. Thanks for the post!
From our home to yours "Happy Birthday" to all! Yummy & pretty parties!
Think of yall often and so wish we could get together.
Blessings to all~
~Lori for all

Theresa said...

You have posted a lot since September 27th. I am very pleased! Love you, Theresa