Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full days....

The past week has flown by and felt at times like we have been in a whirl wind with the store, school, doctors appointments, a birthday party, meeting some blog friends for the first time, and life in general. We have been without Internet service for over a week. Today we received a new modem and now we are back online, but still have a few unresolved issues. The week we left for Florida we had siding put on our house, we think that a wire may have been damaged in the process. So, tomorrow the phone company is sending out a repair man to have a look. My Memories Monday was a scheduled post, thankfully. Now I have a list of things to share, so you'll see lots coming over the next few days like birthdays, Florida, schooling, and whatnot. Tonight I leave you with a few pictures of last night, soaking in the last of the summer heat, longer days, swimming (with the solar blanket our pool is still in the 90's), and then the yummy part S'mores!!! What better time than family time?!?!


Cinnamon said...

Smores and a heated pool. Now that's a new one :-)

Looks like you guys know how to have lots of fun and enjoy the warm days :-)


misslynda said...

I went online to see how the solar blanket works. Very ingenious. Is it difficult to maneuver it back and forth over and off the pool?