Monday, September 27, 2010

Memories Moday

APRIL 2010

We made a quick stop by Mall of America on our way to Canada. It was a very windy cold day and we had to park really FAR away. We bundled up and ran for the door.

The mall was massive truly bigger than what we thought. We knew there were theme park rides in the mall, but we never imagined the mall would be like this! Thankfully the kids didn't ask to go on any of the rides, it was very expensive! (so call me cheap) They really enjoyed taking in all the sites.

The girls and Ruth Ella enjoyed the American Girl store, and they wished Ruth Ella was just a little older so they could buy her one.

The boys thought the Lego store was so cool, and couldn't get enough of the Lego creations.

To sum up or trip to Mall of America we walked, looked, and took a potty break , then back to the van. Our whole Mall of America experience lasted about 2 hours total, as I said quick trip.

As you can tell from the pictures we hit the most important areas, the things the kids liked ;)


missy said...

Our kids would have loved that Lego store and the American girl! I am going to send you an email when I get a chance later today and maybe work on some plans to get together! Missy

misslynda said...

Hitting the high points is sometimes the best. It's like watching commercials for movies. Often the commercial was better than the entire 90 minute movie!

Lands Family Led by the Lord said...

Have always wanted to take my children there. Kind of difficult because we live in Fl. My girls love their American girl dolls and Andrew my youngest son does builds with his legos almost every day.
I share you joy, what a fun day..

In Christ,