Monday, September 20, 2010

Memories Monday



Past: November 13, 2009

This was Miss Ruth Ella, at 9 weeks old, on our trip last year to Magic Kingdom. She was such a small girl sitting up there with her Minnie Mouse friends. She blended right in and felt right at home.


Present: September 10, 2010

We thought it would be fun to take Miss Ruth Ella to visit with her friends, like a Minnie Mouse reunion! As you can see she was thrilled to see them all again, and they couldn't get over how much she had grown.

Miss Ruth Ella loved on her friends...

And admired their cheery faces, and wonderful taste in clothing!

Before we left she helped one Minnie friend by straightening her bow, cause you know every Minnie should look her best ;)

(Ruth Ella's dress was stitched with love by Rebekah)


The Pauls' Family said...

SOO sweet... Ruthie you are getting SO BIG!!
LOVE the dress Becky... great job!
Miss you all and LOVE you SO much!

Rebecca Pauls said...

So Sweet!!! She is such a doll and we miss her! Great job on the dress Becka, she is so cute in polka dots!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

When I saw Ruth Ella's pictures last year, I didn't think it could get cuter! I was wrong! This is absolutely adorable!!!

Amy said...

I agree with Adventures of a Simple Life. It just gets more adorable. The dress is so cute and matches very well. She is getting big. Looks like she had a grand time :)

misslynda said...

She did blend in and look precious last year but she is beautiful this year. She looks like a queen and her court!

mommyx12 said...

Oh my, too cute. My little girls loved these photos. One of them actually asked me, "Is her name Minnie?"

Cinnamon said...

She does look beautiful in red!! Such an adorable dress and to be hand made by big sis! What a blessing~