Friday, September 10, 2010

Quick Update...

Ruth Ella's rash (photo taken this morning) is still spreading, but not as red as it was a few days ago. She is still taking Benadryl to help calm the itching. The great news is her appetite is back and she is much more pleasant. This being a BIG plus since we are now in Florida! We drove down on Wednesday night after the store closed. Wednesday was William's birthday and yesterday Ruth Ella had a birthday!!!

William is now 6!!!

Miss Ruth Ella is now 1 !!!!

Our birthday kiddos, last night before they opened their presents.

Here is the real reason we made this trip to Florida, Disney's Night of Joy!!!! Our older kids saved up money to attend the Night of Joy concert to hear some of their favorite singers. They didn't just save up enough money for their own tickets, but enough to cover the whole families tickets. This all came about when some very special friends of ours heard the kids where wanting to attend this concert, these friends blessed us with a gift of a stay at their time share. So, now all it cost Arthur and I was gas and food, what a sweet deal. Very neat that it all fell on William and Ruth Ella's birthday, and that we managed to close the store for a few days...counting it all as a blessing! Well, everyone is taking a nap, we go to the park at 4:00PM and the concert last until sleep was needed, yet here I sit blogging ;) I'm off to pack the cooler, and get ready I must admit I'm really looking forward to hearing Chris Tomlin :)

Pictures and more to come.....


Amy said...

Glad Ruth Ella is feeling better! Hope she had a wonderful birthday that was shared with my Asa man.

Hope you all have a great time away!!!

Laura Lee said...

Ms. Laura,

Did you really have to mention Chris Tomlin? I mean really? Just go and RUB IT IN!

Haha, jk. Love you all!


JennyH said...

Happy birthday to them both!! 1, already? Hope Ruth Ella is feeling much better. That rash looks awful. At least you know what it's from.

Have fun in Florida and partying it up tonight!!

Teena said...

how wonderful! I love Chris Tomlin.

How neat to be able to go! How far is that for you?

My sister and now oldest son (and wife) live in Orlando.

Hope Ruth Ella's rash is much better. Beautiful birthday pics....


misslynda said...

Oh wow! What a great blessing and a great weekend together!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to William and Ruth Ella!! I'm glad Ruth Ella is feeling better. We have sickies at our house too. :(

Sammy and Missy Parris said...

I hope Ruth Ella didn't catch something at church! I'm glad she's doing better. Check out and scroll down to SM Davis. There is some good stuff on there. Wow! I wish I could hear all that good music. Let us know when you get back and we can get together.
Sammy Parris

mommyx12 said...

Ruth Ella's eyes seem to be saying, "Presents? What's that?" "What's going on here?" Happy birthday to your loves. So glad she's feeling better.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Oh how exciting!!! I am from South Florida and used to go to "Night Of Joy". Good memories...and the price is "right" to! I was just down that way visiting my family and when my God-daughter told me who was going to be there, I thought about staying a little longer! Would have been neat to meet you and the family!!! Hope you are having fun!

Happy Birthday to William and Ruth Ella! The Lord has blessed you with beautiful children!


The Pauls' Family said...

Hey Ya'll!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIAM AND RUTH ELLA!!!!!!!!! (sorry it's late:)
I hope you guys had an awesome birthday and that Ruth Ella is continuing to improve!

I really hope you guys had a great time last night (and that you can get nice and rested up too:)

Love ya'll, and miss you to much!

Love Ker Ker

Theresa said...

Happy Belated Birthday my little friends!

Cinnamon said...

I'm so glad she is doing better. What a little trooper.

What a blessing indeed!! Your family is so sweet. The Lord is so good to provide for you!

Happy Birthday Little Ruth Ella.

Happy Birthday Big William :-)

Laura, I got your sweet note! Thank you~ I need to email you but like you I'm already up way too late.


Lands Family Led by the Lord said...

Our family has enjoyed Disney's Night of Joy.. We hope your family had a wonderful evening.