Sunday, September 26, 2010


This post is way overdue!


Amanda's cake had a surprise inside, her cake was made by Elizabeth and Rebekah.

We Incorporated Amanda's 2 favorite colors blue and green into the birthday theme.

Amanda's theme was gems (for her beading) and flowers.

The birthday meal was....

Taco Soup,
Nachos supreme,
Salsa, and dip

This is what Amanda saw when she walked in.

The picture on the table is Amanda's 17 birthday picture.

We placed beads all over the tree, and Amanda's green fairy on the top.

Amanda is now a lady, seventeen years have come and gone faster than I can believe.

Out of all our children Amanda loves her birthday more than any of them, and it's not because of presents. She starts talking about her birthday months before, and when her day arrives she is all a glow! I love to see the joy she gets from her birthday.

Elizabeth gave Amanda a quilt in a bag, Amanda had had her eye on it for some time. It's a great summertime throw or picnic quilt. Amanda placed it in her hope chest for later use.

Ruth Ella sitting with Amanda as she opened her gift, more beads for bracelets ;)

Finally, it was cake time! The cake surprise, it was 3 layers vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry...YUMMMMM


misslynda said...

I love the colors you used for her theme and I can tell how happy Amanda is on her birthday celebration. Did you all make the cake. If not, where did you get it? The decorations are very pretty.

Kristen's mom said...

now you know how to celebrate a birthday! Happy Birthday.

Jen said...

Happy birthday (again) Fanny!
LOVE the cake! Liz and Becks you did an AMAZING job!!
Love you all SOO much!

Emily said...

What a fun party. I do love how y'all celebrate!! Who is the cake decorator in the family? I need to come take some lessons!!!

Happy Birthday Amanda. You look so mature and beautiful. Your quite and gentle spirit is evident (course that might be because I have actually met you) even in photos.

Rebecca Pauls said...

I love the cake!!! You girls did a wonderful job! I want your frosting recipe, mine always runs down the side of the cake and I can never get it smooth. The colors are really pretty too, happy very belated birthday Amanda. We love you and miss you all!!
Love Josh Becca and Andrew

Mountain Mama said...

The cake is magnificent! I can only imagine what it must taste like. Love the colors and cute theme. What a fun celebration for your sweet Amanda.
Happy 17th Birthday!!

Mountain Mama said...

Ha! Just as I left a comment on your blog, I received your comment on my blog.

We DO love our horses and feel very blessed to have them. Definitely a luxury that I feel undeserving of. However, they do require lots of commitment and work on our part, but it's good for all of us.

If you are interested in visiting via email, I would love it!


Esther Penner said...

We have those times at our house as well where we don't get posts out in time for the birthdays. But happy birthday just the same and a blessed year ahead. What a yummy looking cake. Love to have the recipe sometime. Ours don't turn out so well. Beautiful decorating. The Penner Family

missy said...

Happy late Birthday. I agree with everyone that cake is great! We can't seem to get the flowers to turn out that well! I bet it tasted as good as it looked!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amanda!!!
Looks like you had a great birthday!
and wow what a nice cake!,who made it?
Have a wonderful year!


jojo said...

the cake looks great you guys did a great job I am so impressed

Michelle said...

happy belated birthday to Amanda! I just love seeing your photos from your family's bday celebrations - they are so fun!