Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Birthdays: PART 1

Another overdue birthday post...

William turned 6 on September 8th

We had a little birthday party for him on Sunday, September 5th, because we knew on his actual birthday we would be in the van driving to Florida.

To go along with our trip to Florida, the theme was Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse and his friends are a very cheery bunch!

William was very excited and happy to have his birthday supper early, so I could make him a cake. If, you haven't noticed our family really likes cake (I make them but, don't care for cake) and ice cream....YUM!!!!

Make a wish ?!?!?!

With the imagination of a 6year old you never know what they wish for :)


Ruby's Mom said...

Happy Birthday to William!
Really cute pictures and what a nice cake!
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.We do miss Grady terribly but are so happy for him to have the opportunity to go to college :)

Amy said...

The cake is so cute! What a fitting theme for your most recent trip :)

Kelli Z. said...

You come up with the most creative and cute ideas for your childrens' birthdays! I LOVE the cakes, too! Every child should definitely feel very special in your house!

Also, just thought I'd throw in there, I love Wesley's hair, I hope when my son's grows long enough I'm able to cut it like that without messing up! :)

Theresa said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Big Man!