Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Speckled, Splotchy, & Polka-Dotted

Sickness has been lingering for over a week now. A week ago Sunday Ruth Ella became sick when we were at church....not fun! Her sickness started out with diarrhea, then came the low grade fever. We gave her Tylenol and watched her for a few days to see if this would pass, we don't like to rush into the doctors office....because other wise we would be there a lot;) By Thursday her fever was spiking up to 102 without any reprieve from the Tylenol, and she had a runny nose. Friday I took her to the doctor and she was diagnosed with a bad sinus infection and placed on Penicillin for 21 days. Being on medication was a first for Ruth Ella. She started her medicine and I thought for sure she would be better within a few days, well I was wrong. She kept a fever until yesterday and was still having diarrhea. Yesterday (Labor Day when doctors offices are closed) I noticed that Ruth Ella was looking a little splotchy, by last night she was speckled, this morning she was covered in a polka-dot rash! So, today back to the doctor we went! Ruth Ella is allergic to Penicillin!

Here is what her back looked like......

The rash is all over her scalp as well, and poor baby that seems to be where she scratches most, the top of her head. This rash seems to be worse than her sinus infection, she just can't find peace. These are the times I'm oh so thankful she has her thumb to help sooth her.

Ruth Ella is off all medications for her sinus infection (it seems so much better), and just taking Benadryl for the rash. While at the doctors office they checked her white blood count and it came back showing that she has a viral infection.....yet no fever today, so she's at the end we pray of the virus. Enough of this sickness we are ready to see our sweet girl feeling herself, and have her appetite back. We are praying she wakes up in the morning, well on her way back to normal.


Rebecca Pauls said...

Oh the poor little dear!! It's so hard to see your baby sick, We too are praying that she will be feeling better very soon!
Love Josh Becca and Andrew

Emily said...

Oh Laura. I am so sorry. Poor little Ruth Ella. It breaks my heart to see her little weak eyes. I pray she gets all better soon.

Amy said...

Poor thing!!! Asa's been sick too with some of the same symptoms. His started out with a low grade fever on Thursday and teething type diapers (acid rash). His temp. kept getting higher, too, I took him in yesterday and he has double ear infections. She is still so cute even with the polka dots :) Hope she is feeling better today!!!

Lisa said...

Oh, poor sweetie! I'm allergic to pennicillin, too (along with keflex and clindamycin). I hope she starts improving with each passing day. I'll be praying for her. Just keep an eye on that rash...I have needed prednisone to stop the allergic reaction. Not to alarm you, though!
Many Blessings,

mommyx12 said...

Oh poor baby. She looks positively miserable. I hope and pray she will be feeling better soon.

We received our fun package in the mail today. Thank you so much. The children loved it and my little 4 year old just won't put the bag down. She took off with it right away and filled it with all her treasures.

Thanks again,

Cinnamon said...

She looks so awful yet so completely adorable with her little polka dots on her clothing and her body :-/

Now I need to go read your next post to see how she's doing~


Beth said...

Could it be Rosela (sp??)....a friend of mine's little girl had it at about a year!!

Hope she is feeling better