Saturday, October 30, 2010

What is in a NAME???

The naming of our children wasn't something we took lightly, we felt each of our children should be given a name with rich meaning. Arthur and I prayed about each name and talked at length for many hours, days, and months about the name that should be given to each of our children. A name is like the first gift you ever give your child, it can carry great meaning with it. Our hope is that our children will look at their names as a blessing, rich with meaning.

Laura "Elizabeth"

Laura... she was named as you know after me. Out of all our children this name was the least planned and talked about name. It seemed once we had decided Elizabeth then we needed another name. So, Arthur looked at me and said "Laura", that's what her first name should be. Elizabeth was now to be Laura Elizabeth, and I was a very proud Mama that Arthur would want her to have my name. Now that she is getting older having the first same name can be hard, even though everyone calls her Elizabeth. The doctors offices, and all legal papers say Laura. Like a few weeks ago when she order a few things, UPS dropped off the parcel and it said Laura Munck, I opened them...oops wrong Laura! I promised her I would do better, I felt so sad that she wasn't able to open her new CD or her gift for Rebekah.
Elizabeth...The name Elizabeth was Arthur's mothers name. Elizabeth passed away several years before Arthur and I married, so I never had the pleasure of meeting her. From the moment I became pregnant Arthur and I both knew this baby would be named Elizabeth if it was a girl. Well, Elizabeth it was and it's very fitting for her. From all the stories I have heard about her grandmother Elizabeth, it sounds like our Elizabeth is much like her a lover of the Lord strong in her beliefs, and set on sharing her faith.

Martha "Amanda"

Martha...means Lady! The name Martha is my mothers name, she's very much a worker and seeks to please others. She also has the name Martha from the Bible who sought to work hard for the Lord to please him and others. I see Amanda as a Martha and a Mary, she knows how and when to work but also when to sit back and slow down. Lady...oh Amanda is such the little lady. Out of our 3 oldest girls she is the girlist (I know not a word!) of the girls! She likes all things girl like jewelry, nail polish, purses, and skirts all the way! So, Lady does come to mind when I think of her:)
Amanda...this name was Arthur's maternal grandmothers name, she was a very Godly woman who loved the Lord deeply, the Bible, and had no fear for she knew who her protector was. This being a very fitting name for Amanda, she has a gift for reciting God's Word. To this day I often think you know I could call Amanda by Martha just as easily, and she looks like a Martha or an Amanda!

Rebekah Marie

Rebekah...her name was taken from the Bible along with it's spelling. Rebekah from the Bible was chosen by God to be Isaac's wife. A lot can be taken from Rebekah, she was chosen by God, and in her weakness made a flesh choice to favor Jacob over Esau. Yet in the end God turned it around and Rebekah found favor in the God. Isn't this the way of our human flesh, but what a wonderful thing that we can learn from the Bible of others mistakes and weaknesses. Then see the grace and love God has poured out on them later. Our Rebekah as a little girl didn't like her name because of this story but, I believe it has a powerful message for this is where the 12 tribes began! Our Rebekah was a chosen gift by God for our family.
Marie...was my great-aunts name, she was lots of fun and the life of the party. She was upbeat and always ready for company and entertaining family/friends. She kept the family smiling and laughing.....just like Rebekah does us!

Madison Harold

Madison..this was the last name of our 4th President James Madison, who worked hard during his presidency but was better known for his legislation. My grandmothers favorite uncles name was Madison. He took her in as a child in the summers during the depression and treated her as one of his own children. I have always had fond memories of the stories she shared of him and his family.
Harold...the name Harold comes from a long line of Harolds, this name wasn't hard to pick. Madison is the 4th Munck in a row to carry the name Harold. It is Arthur's middle name too, it was Arthur's fathers first name, and it was his fathers first name.... the name started from Madison's great grandfather back in the late 1800's (more about the first Harold further down in the post). All the men in the Munck family that have carried the name Harold have been strong in their faith. The 2 that have gone on to be with the Lord have left a rich heritage and legacy behind.

Jonathan Michael

Jonathan...3 word meaning...Gift of God, and he truly was from day one! The name Jonathan is my brothers name, and from the Bible. Jonathan was a loyal friend to David, our Jonathan is just that a gift and loyal!
Michael...the name Michael is after Arthur's close friend Michael Galloway. Michael has been apart of our lives from almost the beginning of our marriage. He has been there for about everything vacation, sickness, births of babies (well maybe not the actual birth but, he kept our kids several times in the middle of the night when I went to give birth) babysitting, ball games, holidays....yep you name it he's been around! Michael is a very soft spoken man, one of great patience (ask his wife), loving, sensitive, and a follower of Christ. Michael, yes, a special name to go along with Gift of God-Jonathan!

James Peter

James...the name came from the disciple James in the Bible, we hope one day our James will be a fisher of men for our Lord.
Peter...this is a family name, it Arthur's paternal grandfather's name. Being James great grandfathers name. Harold Peter was a Captain in WW1, kept the ledger Gutzon Borglum during the work on Mount Rushmore, a leader in his community from banking, to teaching at the college, and a strong man of faith. He passed away doing something he loved teaching Sunday School in his Methodist church.

Stephen Arthur the Bible Stephen was martyred and stoned for his faith in Christ, truly a strong man firm in his faith. From early on in pregnancy we knew that this boy was going to be named Stephen, that was after we got over the shock that he wasn't a girl. Our first ultrasound we were told Stephen was a girl, 6 weeks later they said "oops, no it's a boy"! Right after that ultrasound the name Stephen came to both Arthur and myself, on the same day. It wasn't a name we had ever discussed, so we knew it was a name from the Lord when we both told each other we had come up with a good was the same name Stephen. you know this name came from his father, who I think is the best husband, dad, friend, he is a follower of Christ and a man who seeks to die to self daily! The name goes a step further than that. Arthur was named after his great-uncle Arthur Munck, who was a senator in South Dakota. He was a man of faith, strong leadership, and stood up for helping others and his state/country.

William Daniel

William named after his Uncle Bill (William), Arthur's brother in law. We have a great deal of respect for Bill, his faith in the Lord and his values. It took us many years to have a William. When I was pregnant with our first 3 children they were all going to be named William, but they ended up being girls so the name didn't work:) Then, when Madison came along, we didn't feel lead that he was to be named William. So, we waited until boy #5, and it's the perfect name for him! William loves his Uncle Bill and enjoys it when they come to visit.
Daniel...this was Arthur's maternal grandfathers name, Amanda's husband. It is also the name of Daniel from the Bible in which we can all learn many life lessons from, the book of Daniel gives you a vivid look into Daniels heart.

Wesley Philip

Wesley...this name came pretty easy to us as well, for 2 reasons. First one being for our dear friend Mr. Wes as our children refer to him. He is a strong headed, determined, passionate about others, and loves the Lord and working for Him. Second for Charles and John Wesley whom I have over the years come to admire and enjoy so many of their teachings....and no we aren't Methodist, but you know you can learn lots from those who sought to follow Christ and were on fire for the Lord! When we see the determination and spunk come out in Wesley, we know he's following in Mr. Wes' footsteps;) Wesley's granddaddy's name (Arthur's father Harold), it is also his Uncle Philip's name (Arthur's brother). Both of these men have so many similarities, all good ones. They both love the Lord, family, and baseball! Each one has a very soft loving nature too, and Uncle Philip he can quote scripture or verse with eloquence and ease. Granddaddy was in WWII, a journalist, taught at a college, was head of the Tennessee Emergency Management, and was always thrilled when all the family was together.

Ruth Ella Katherine

Ruth...her name is 2 part. The first being after Arthur's Aunt Ruth, his mothers little sister. When Ruth Ella was born I looked down at her and thought WOW, she looks so much like her big sister Elizabeth and she still does. Well, Arthur and I had been talking/praying about the name Ruth for several months but hadn't made a decision. After we thought about how much Elizabeth and Ruth Ella looked alike, and that Grandma Elizabeth and Aunt Ruth looked a lot alike too....well Ruth it had to be! The second being from Ruth in the Bible, what a strong amazing woman she was!
Ella...this was Arthur's paternal grandmothers name, wife of Harold Peter. Ella was a wife, mother, nurse, and a Christian. Her husband and children meant the world to her, and she often wrote letters to her 2 grown children to encourage them in their work and faith.
Katherine...meaning Pure! This is a third name, one that we don't often use. It's a beautiful name that other than it growing in our hearts didn't come from a person in which we are close to or personally acquainted. The word pure describes the look we see in Ruth Ella's face, simply pure!

BABY #11........

We have until May of 2011 to chose just the right name for our new addition to the Munck Family! We are thrilled beyond measure to be given another gift from the Lord!

Behold children are a heritage of the Lord,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
So are the children of one's youth.
Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them
Psalms 127:3-5


Mary Ann Faith

Mary....The name Mary comes from both sides of our family. Mary was Arthur's moms first name, she was Mary Elizabeth. Arthur's maternal grandmother was Mary Amanda. Mary is also after my paternal great-grandmother Mary Louise, but she goes by Louise. after my maternal great-grandmother Ann, who is now 91 and going strong!
"Mary Ann"...also happens to be the name of one of Arthur's first cousins. We love you Mary Ann!
Faith....this is something that we choose to live by! And defined it's an unquestioning belief in God, complete trust, confidence, or reliance.

For we walk by faith, not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5:7

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:1

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God
Ephesians 2:8

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
Romans 10:17

Look it's 3:45 AM!!!

Well, so much for thinking this bug was passing, because it's still here!!!! I really think it's mocking me!!! I just cleaned up a little 3 year old boy and put him back to bed, threw his sheets and jammies in the I think I'm off to bed! Please, continue to pray we would very much appreciate it!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bug free????

We are NOT bug free yet!!! Today I came in to find a feverish Wesley perched in the big chair with his party hat, comfy covers, and animals. This pretty much sums up how my 3 sick ones feel. In their minds they want to get up and party, but their bodies are still crying out for a place to lay with comfy covers!

The praise is that nobody was up in the night last night and nobody vomited today!!!! This has to be a sign we are taking a turn for the better, right? We have remained pretty up beat and positive this whole sickness, until the wee hours of Wednesday morning when the disaster happened! OK, I can handle cleaning up the messes when they miss the trash can and the potty, BUT really I draw the line when the vomit hits the carpet! This wasn't a fun clean up and I was one very unhappy Mama! Mainly because this was one of the bigger boys who hit the carpet, and he had time to make it to the bathroom ....since he told me 3 times "I'm going to throw up" and I repeated 3 times "hurry run" and he continued to stand in one spot frozen! So, lets just say at 1 Am on Wednesday morning when Arthur and I were cleaning carpet, I began calling out to the Lord again for this sickness to pass. I also had to ask the Lord to forgive me for being bitter about having to clean the nasty carpet mess!!! Truly by yesterday the lack of sleep was catching up with me! I'm praising the Lord for last nights good night sleep and for children who today even with fevers and some cramping look to be on the up swing. As in all things in life this too will pass, but when sitting in the middle this it's often times hard to see past that very moment. I am once again reminded of my human weaknesses, and God's great mercy, strength, and love.

Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weakness.
Romans 8:26

Monday, October 25, 2010

Why is this blog so quite???

This is where we have spent lots of time over the past couple of weeks!!!!


(this isn't our bathroom)

A little over 2 weeks ago Jonathan came down with a stomach bug, and he was sick for a day or so. Since then this bug has decided it would settle in and take up permanent residence here at the Munck home, doing it all illegally might I add. Now while residing at the Mucnk home Mr. Illegal Bug has latched on to several sweet children who legally reside in this home. Nasty Mr. Illegal Bug is now irritating the Munck parents, for they have grown very weary of seeing their sweeties up all hours of the night with cramping tummies, leaning over the potty. Mom and Dad Munck are also put out with the extra work Mr. Illegal Bug has placed on them with the cleaning of the bathrooms, bedding, showers/baths in the middle of the night....why oh why Mr. Illegal Bug do you strike so late???? The sneakiest part about Mr. Illegal Bug is...he doesn't just strike you once but several times. Just when you think your sweeties are feeling a little better and almost 24 hours out of the sickness.....Mr. Illegal Bug jumps out of nowhere and knocks the little sweeties down again!!!! Tonight William and Ruth Ella where knocked down again, and Mr. Illegal Bug touched on Wesley for the first time...GRRRR**** Mom and Dad Munck aren't going down without a fight, they are still armed and dangerous with their Lysol cans, cleaning products, Gatorade, and lots of love for their sweeties. I'm pretty sure Mr. Illegal Bug will find that the Munck home isn't going to allow him to continue to reside here, a place he isn't welcome!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birthday BOY!!!!!


Today Stephen woke to the stomach flu, a nasty gift for his birthday! So, as he wasn't alone with this bug, Ruth Ella has it too! He is starting to feel better now, so he will open his presents tonight. We are going to have his birthday supper and cake tomorrow night, turning it into a birthday weekend.

A week of sadness....

This week I fell way behind in blogging. My 31 for 21 post I couldn't keep current. We have had an extended family emergency that required Arthur and I to be away from home during the day this week. Then with all the stress of the situation, blogging took the back seat to my family and rest. I cannot go into details of this family emergency/crisis for a multitude of reasons, the main one being respecting the family members privacy. I do ask that after you read this that if you feel so lead to PLEASE pray for all the family involved, this is just the beginning. God knows the needs and will hear each prayer lifted. Thank you!

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned,
Nor shall the flame scorch you.

For I am the Lord your God,
The Holy One of Israel, your Savior.

Isaiah 43:2-3

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

31 for 21: Day 12

This picture of Jonathan was taken 12 years ago today, you have come a long way buddy!!!!
"He careth for you."
1 Peter 5:7
More of my journal coming tomorrow.

Monday, October 11, 2010

31 for 21: Day 11

About Buddy Walk

The Buddy Walk® was established in 1995 by the National Down Syndrome Society to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October and to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. Today, the Buddy Walk program is supported nationally by NDSS and organized at the local level by parent support groups, schools and other organizations and individuals.

Over the past fifteen years, the Buddy Walk program has grown from 17 walks to more than 300 expected in 2010 across the country and around the world. Last year alone, 250,000 people participated in a Buddy Walk! They raised more than $9.5 million to benefit local programs and services as well as the national advocacy initiatives that benefit all individuals with Down syndrome.

The Buddy Walk is a one-mile walk in which anyone can participate without special training. It is a wonderful, heart-warming event that celebrates the many abilities and accomplishments of people with Down syndrome. Whether you have Down syndrome, know someone who does, or just want to show your support, come and join a Buddy Walk in your local community!

For our family The Buddy Walk was in Chattanooga, this past Saturday October 9th...Jonathan's 12th birthday!!! We were all very excited about going to The Buddy Walk but the fact that is was held on Jonathan's birthday was extra special, like a little birthday treat for Jonathan.

Riverview Park was the location of the walk, and it's nestled in a historic area of downtown Chattanooga. So, not only was the day gorgeous but the sites we took in were equally as beautiful.

The walk began with some really taking off fast and then it trickled down to those who walked at a normal pace.

For our family it was a mix of normal and slow, but we weren't in any hurry!

It was so neat to see so many people come out for the walk.

As we rounded the corner of the half way mark we continued to take in the architecture of all the homes, but to our right we now had an unbelievable view of the golf course.

This is the Chattanooga Golf and Country Club, established back in the late 1800's.

Just beyond the trees runs the Tennessee River, what a sight this was to see. I wish the pictures showed the river better.

Jonathan enjoyed the walk and watching all the people.

We also saw an antique sports car, the kids thought this car was the coolest!

There were also lots of motorcycles, this motorcycle group had the most walkers. Over 100 came out for The Buddy Walk to walk for one person! The next largest group had 92 walkers for a little girl who had just turned 1.

After the walk they served pizza ....


and Little Debbie snack cakes!

After the kids ate they went back to the playground, for some more fun.

I think they could have stayed all day.

Our family will defiantly be attending the buddy walk again next year. The Chattanooga Down Syndrome Society was thrilled with this years turn out for The Buddy Walk. Last year they had
close to 400 walkers this year the had a little over 800! They also gave out prises to the oldest and youngest person with Ds at the walk. The oldest was a lady who was 45, and the youngest was a 3 week old baby! This was a great way to start off Jonathan's birthday, a huge switch from 12 years ago on the day he was born. I count our blessings daily for Jonathan.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

31 for 21: Day 10

Jonathan's Birthday!!!!!!!

Yesterday morning Jonathan woke to find his party decorations up, the look on his face tells you how he felt:)

I think he loved the banner with him being the Ring Master.

Jonathan's birthday party looks to be a circus theme, which it was. But the main part of the circus for Jonathan is the................

ELEPHANT!!!! He loves elephants and has since he was a tiny boy, to this day they remain is favorite thing.

We closed the store yesterday, and after we ate breakfast yesterday morning we attended the Buddy Walk in Chattanooga. It was so neat that it happened to be on Jonathan's birthday, pictures to come! We had Jonathan's party around supper time.

On the birthday menu were a few of Jonathan's favorites

Hot dogs and Hamburgers
Baked Beans, Potato Salad,
Pickles, and Chips

The weather yesterday was perfect for being outside to grill.

Don't these faces look familiar?

Jonathan ready for his birthday meal, and he is all about food! Not sure if he likes food or gifts better....I think food!

His elephant birthday cake. (Many have ask who makes our birthday cakes, I make them. Elizabeth and Rebekah made Amanda's cake this year, they took a cake class. There is a long story behind my cake making, and I'll share it sometime in the near future.)

Yay, cake and ice cream time!!!! This was one of the best birthdays ever, we were able to spend the whole day together celebrating Jonathan!

We love you Johnny!!!!!!!