Tuesday, October 5, 2010

31 for 21: Day 5

Journal entry #9
Oct. 11, 1998
Sunday morning

This was Jonathan the morning of October 11, 1998.

This morning before I even got out of bed I reached for the phone to call the NICU to see how you were doing. The nurse on duty said that you were doing very well, and that Dr. Bell would like to talk with me sometime in the next 45 minutes. I hung up the phone and hurried to shower and dress. I walked over to the hospital, washed up and came back to your bed. Looking at you I didn't see any real change. You were still hooked up to so many monitors each one having it's own bell or alarm, to warn of vital signs that weren't in the normal range. Cindy the nurse told me that you had rested well, and that she would go and get the doctor. Dr. Bell came beside your bed and said that you are now breathing so well on your own that they felt comfortable taking you off the oxygen! I stood looking at him with streams of tears rolling down my cheeks, I could hardly speak. When I did find my voice I made the comment that your were a fighter, and Dr. Bell said "yes he is"! I couldn't wait to call and tell Daddy and share the news, but I knew he was on his was to visit and he was bringing the girls to see you for the first time. So, I would have to wait to share that news. I sat by your bed for a few moments and the nurse came back and ask if Dr. Bell had given me the other BIG news, I told her no. She said "well today is the day you get to hold your baby"! I was completely shocked, as I stood next to your bed I couldn't let go of the side. Cindy then told me if I came around to the other side and sat down she would hand you to me. I sat down and watched as Cindy lifted you out of the bed like a china doll and then placed you ever so gently into my arms. At first my arms felt stiff as if they moved I might break you or cause you pain. Within a moment or two I could feel the warmth of your body pressing against my arms, and I began to cry tears of joy. My arms softened and I embraced you as I had longed to for the past 2 days. I smelt your skin, your hair rubbed my cheek, and I caressed your tiny frail arms with my index finger. The thought just kept flooding my mind you were created perfect by the Lord, and I love you so much. I held you for about 30 minutes and then it was time for me to go meet Daddy and sisters at RMH. I told Cindy who was coming to visit you today. She said "then this is a very special day and we need to get Jonathan cleaned up to meet his sisters". That is just what she began to do, and she allowed me to help her. Now your are cleaned up and ready for your special visitors, and I'm on my wait to meet them to bring them back. I can't wait for them to see you!


Cinnamon said...

Laura, how incredibly sweet. What a touching story !!

Thank you for sharing it. I am enjoying following along.


Lands Family Led by the Lord said...

Your Jonathan is a true miracle of the Lord. I am in the book of 1 John this morning. God is light. Your son is a light in this world. Your prayers for your son are so sweet as you trusted him to a Father in Heaven who loves him so very much.

Many Blessings and thanks for sharing his journey.
In Christ,

Rebecca Pauls said...

Dear Mrs. Munck,
I finally got around to reading all your posts about Johnathan, it brings back so many memories!! From the not wanting to be released to the feeling of wanting to pick him up and cuddle him. What we would have done without God in those days I don't know!
Thanks for sharing!

The Mayo Family said...

Oh Laura,
This is so...touching just makes me want to weep & rejoice all at the same time! Give that sweet lil-boy a hug!
Thanks for sharing...
Blessings to you all~
~Lori for all

misslynda said...

I am so thankful you journaled this as it happened so you and we would feel your emotions. Your love for your child is so beautiful.

Laura said...

Thanks so much for posting all of this. It's been a huge encouragement and inspiration to read it. Jonathan is such a sweetheart, and he's blessed to have you as his mother.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

I, too, am enjoying the journey. My favorite thing you have said...He was created perfect by the Lord. When I thought our Zechariah had Down's, I hated to hear pity come from others...God does not make mistakes...our child was being formed in the perfect way God preordained.

Thanks for sharing!