Thursday, October 7, 2010

31 for 21 : Day 6 & 7

Journal entry #10
Oct. 11, 1998
Sunday evening

When I walked in the door to the RMH Daddy and the girls were there waiting for me. Daddy decided that it might be best to leave Madison at home with Grammy, he hasn't been feeling well. Daddy saw me as I walked in and waved me to the playroom. There sat the girls at a little table coloring some pictures. Elizabeth noticed me first and came running, Amanda looked up and followed right behind her. I gave them each a big hug, and looked up to see if Rebekah was coming. Rebekah just stood looking at me with a blank look. I spoke to her and she walked over slowly, I bent down to hug her and she warmed up and hugged me in return. Then she pulled away and ask where my belly was, I think she wasn't sure about me without the big belly. Seconds later we were all sitting together just loving being together. The girls went back to coloring and then playing with all the toys. Daddy at I sat and chatted about how our mornings had gone. I told him about you coming off of the oxygen, and that I was able to hold you. I also told him of how your nurse and I had cleaned you up to meet your sisters. Daddy was so excited, he couldn't wait to get to the hospital so he could hold you too. We ate lunch with your sisters and then walked across the street for the girls to meet their new baby brother.

When Cindy cleaned you up earlier she was very concerned that the girls might be nerves and frightened by the drainage tube from your stomach, the IV in your scalp, and all the other wires you were attached to. So, she found a tiny diaper shirt for you to wear and cap to cover your IV. I truly believe that God placed Cindy as your nurse today, because of her compassion.

Cindy talked with the girls about all the wires you are hooked up to and the noises each one makes.

She spoke to them about how the NICU cares for sick babies, and that they are never left alone.

She also told them how important it is to wash their hands before holding and touching you. She explained that it wouldn't hurt you for them to hold you, and that they need to talk to you because you would want to hear their voices.

Now the girls were each ready for their turn at holding you. Elizabeth took in everything nurse Cindy said not wanting to miss a thing. She was very gentle with you and a little unsure. Amanda was very eager to touch you and continued to question why you didn't have a blanket on you. Rebekah couldn't keep her lips off of you, she smothered you with kisses.

Elizabeth & Jonathan

Amanda & Jonathan

Rebekah & Jonathan

Right before our visit was over Daddy got to hold you, something he had been waiting on. While he was holding you Cindy gave the girls each a bottle, a preemie diaper, a pacifier, and coloring book. She told them that they could take these things home and practice with their dolls how to care for a baby. I took the girls out with me to the waiting room and left Daddy with you for a few more minutes. He wanted this time to cuddle and pray for you.

We then walked over to the RMH the girls colored in their new books and Daddy and I talked. Daddy and the girls ate supper with me at the RMH tonight, then it was time for them to return home. I was so sad at the thought of them leaving, and I was sad I hadn't even been able to see Madison. I miss him so much. They drove me back over to the hospital so I could come and sit with you for awhile. As I opened the door of the van I wasn't sure I could look back at them. I reached over and hugged your Daddy, and then turned to open the side door of the van. I hugged and kissed each of the girls, and told them I would call them tomorrow. As I began to shut the door a knot formed in my throat as I held back tears, then I looked at Elizabeth. There she sat in her seat with tears pouring down her face and she began to tell me she will miss me so much and loved me. Amanda pipes in from her seat and says "are ya'll really crying"? Rebekah just sat with her thumb in her mouth watching with big eyes. By this time Daddy can't look at me or Elizabeth because he too was in tears. He waved me on and I shut the door still hearing Elizabeth's sobs in the background. Daddy said she cried for 30 minutes, to the first Cleveland exit. Then Daddy said Elizabeth fell asleep tonight crying for me and because she was so worried about you. I look forward to the day we can all be together in our house, no separation with days filled with love. I'm glad Elizabeth and your siblings have Daddy and he will take good care of them. I didn't get to hold you tonight because you had such a busy day, and your tiny body needed a rest. Today you overcame a big hurdle coming off of oxygen, I can't wait to see what you accomplish tomorrow. You are truly my miracle boy, I love you so very much.


Laura said...

I've got tears in my eyes just reading about you all crying! :) I LOVE reading these posts!! Thanks so much for sharing them. Cindy sounds like a wonderful nurse. The side shot of Amanda in the first picture looks just like Ruth Ella to me. :)

misslynda said...

Such a precious post! Isn't it amazing to look back and see how quickly the time has flown by and how fast the children have grown?!!

jojo said...

This made me cry for Elizabeth and you even though i know she is grown now. i have been reading these daily thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

I was doing just fine until I read the part about Daddy wanting to spend some time with Jonathan so that he could pray for him..... Made me weep....I never had a Daddy that prayed for me or with me...It's a priceless gift. May God's blessing and protection continue to be upon your family always.
Thank you for sharing your family with us. You are all such a blessing.

JennyH said...

Awe- look at the girls.. they are so little. Love your posts. Your kids are so loved.

Amy said...

I loved this heartfelt post. It was so sweet to see the girls with Jonathan and how the nurse took special time with the girls to explain everything. That was truly a blessing!!!

BTW, I'm doing well. Feeling good and the ultrasound is Tuesday. Kids can't wait to find out if its a brother or sister :)

Theresa said...

The Big Sister pictures are precious!