Sunday, October 3, 2010

31 for 21

Journal entry #7
Saturday October, 10

Sleep didn't find me much last night as I tossed and turned thinking of you. Several times I wanted to get up and walk the long winding hall to see you, yet I knew that I wouldn't be allowed to visit at that time. I just kept thinking of how small and frail you are, and how tiny all your organs are. The thought they could preform a surgery on such a tiny baby like you is truly remarkable. Last night your Daddy just continued to say how he knew God was with the doctors, and the whole surgery team. God had guided their hands and God was going to heal you and make you strong. In the past 24 hours you have already proved one big thing to us, your a fighter! But fighter or not, your still my 5lb tiny baby. I want to hold you close to me and speak softly to you, letting you know that I will not leave you.

I must get ready Daddy is on his way down here to visit us, but he can't stay long he has to get back for the wedding. I'm suppose to be released from the hospital today as well, but for the first time I'm not to happy about that. It means more distance between you and I, I'm having a hard time with knowing I must leave. The good news is Ronald McDonald House is just across the street, and I was placed on a waiting list there. Well, they called this morning and said they have a room for me. It makes me feel better to know I'll only be across the street and not 40 minutes away......yet selfishly I want it all, you and I together at home with Daddy and siblings. I know that this will happen in time, and I must be patient.


Cinnamon said...

What sweet memories~ Such a fun way to write down such precious memories.

Five pounds!! I thought our tiniest baby, at 8lbs, was teeny tiny :-0

Thanks for sharing your heart here~


Beautifully Veiled said...

Ok, call me 47 and hormonal, but I can hardly read this with all these tears everywhere. Whew. Just look at him now! And he had the sweetest little hug for me today....he is truly a treasure.

Emily said...

I'm with beautifully veiled. Tears everywhere. It also brings back those first two weeks of Zion's life and the the NICU. While I know my experience pales in light of yours, it's such a hard time to remember. God is so good to carry us through those LONG DARK nights as a new mother with empty arms.

Amy said...

This was beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your heart with us :)