Saturday, October 9, 2010

Game Day!!!

Tennessee our team


Georgia bulldogs

Wonder who will win?????

Our family says....


But wait there's something wrong ???


Emily said...

Jeremy agrees! Go VOLS. : )

Jenny's writings said...

Uh oh... James that could be trouble!! :)
Jenny says.... "GO VOLS"!!!!!
Hope they win!
Love the picture.

Megan said...

HA HA! LOVE the picture!:) Looks like james is a little out numbered:)
Go Vols GO!!

misslynda said...

You all are tooo cute! I don't care a thing about football but my husband loves it. He said with the record of both teams this year, it will not be a big victory for whomever is the highest scorer. But that is not stopping him from watching it! In fact he based his Saturday "chore schedule" around the game!

Shelby said...

haha! Go Georgia! =)

Laura Lee said...

James can come be apart of our family! Go Dawgs!

Amy said...

Hmmm, seems like there is one who likes to be different!!!! Not a fan of either one....sorry! Go TIGERS beat the Gators :)

The Pauls' Family said...

I love the picture!!!
I will be cheering them along right with Ya'll:)

Love ya!

Love Ker Ker

Teena said...

James has it right! Go Georgia!


really it doesn't matter to me.. well a little. My son lives in Florida... and my sister and they are Gator fans....



JennyH said...

Love the picture. That's funny.

We aren't fans of any of them. So I guess.. go vols!

Beth said...

A family divided!! HAHA

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

We had this rivalry in our house also...Tigers vs. the Florida Gators. My team lost but I still love them!
It is great to have fun and enjoy the competition!