Monday, October 25, 2010

Why is this blog so quite???

This is where we have spent lots of time over the past couple of weeks!!!!


(this isn't our bathroom)

A little over 2 weeks ago Jonathan came down with a stomach bug, and he was sick for a day or so. Since then this bug has decided it would settle in and take up permanent residence here at the Munck home, doing it all illegally might I add. Now while residing at the Mucnk home Mr. Illegal Bug has latched on to several sweet children who legally reside in this home. Nasty Mr. Illegal Bug is now irritating the Munck parents, for they have grown very weary of seeing their sweeties up all hours of the night with cramping tummies, leaning over the potty. Mom and Dad Munck are also put out with the extra work Mr. Illegal Bug has placed on them with the cleaning of the bathrooms, bedding, showers/baths in the middle of the night....why oh why Mr. Illegal Bug do you strike so late???? The sneakiest part about Mr. Illegal Bug is...he doesn't just strike you once but several times. Just when you think your sweeties are feeling a little better and almost 24 hours out of the sickness.....Mr. Illegal Bug jumps out of nowhere and knocks the little sweeties down again!!!! Tonight William and Ruth Ella where knocked down again, and Mr. Illegal Bug touched on Wesley for the first time...GRRRR**** Mom and Dad Munck aren't going down without a fight, they are still armed and dangerous with their Lysol cans, cleaning products, Gatorade, and lots of love for their sweeties. I'm pretty sure Mr. Illegal Bug will find that the Munck home isn't going to allow him to continue to reside here, a place he isn't welcome!!!!


My name is Sarah said...

Oh the worst. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Valerie said...

Praying you and your family can successfully evict your unwanted house guest. So frustrating. Hang in there...praying for you!

misslynda said...

So sorry to hear about this. Bill and I are hoping to dodge that bullet. Praying everyone is well very, very soon.

The Mayo Family said... poor things!
Once again I will pray for God to send some one...after the exterminator leaves with more...
lysol, gatorade, crackers, jello & is 7up ok?
Our love & prayers,
~Mayo's x's 10

Amy said...

So sorry to hear about the sickness...yucky bug!!! I've missed your post and your comments. Hope everyone gets feeling better very soon and that Mr. Illegal Bug goes away quickly.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

So sorry your sweeties are sick!!! I am going to pray the Illegal Bug is removed swiftly, by our great God!

Makes you ever so thankful for your health, doesn't it!?!

jojo said...

I was just gettting ready to say what a pretty bathroom you had when i saw the tiny writing LOL. praying for your sickness to leave and if you need me to do anything you know how to reach me

JennyH said...

Oh no!! That is NO fun. I hope this bug finds the exit very soon!