Sunday, December 12, 2010

And the giveaway winners are.....

Silver leaf bookmark goes to MISS LYNDA

Green leaf bookmark goes to MAYO LADIES

Small tote bag goes to AMY

Large tote bag goes to LAURA

Heart earrings go to NEVA

Ladies PLEASE leave your address in the comments, we monitor our comments and your address will NOT be posted. This will help us to ship these items out to you ASAP, thank you so much!

Come and visit again tomorrow afternoon and see what items are in our last Christmas giving!


Cinnamon said...

Okay~ there HAS to be a mistake. *I* was not one of the winners :-)

Congratulations to all those that did win, even if it was a a mistake :-) hee hee


misslynda said...

That is so cool that the library woman won a bookmark. Hooray for me! Now I can always remember to pray for you all when I see it.

The Mayo Family said...

Wow! We are winners and have only known a short while!
God is so good to us!
We were broke down from the internet...(:()
Can you not hearing from my "friends" all day! :(
We are grateful to be up & running, trying to get all my friends back up!
Thank you sweet Munck Ladies for this special 'give-away' and we are going to [post the next one]
do not think you can enter after youv'e already won?
Bless you all!
~Mayo Maidens