Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Giveaway!

This is the LAST Christmas giveaway for 2010! So, have a good look at all we have to offer this week, then take your pick at what you would like to be entered for!

ATTENTION: We had posted that this giveaway would run until Sunday, December 19th but have had to change things a little. This giveaway will run from today until Saturday, December 18th. We felt this would give us a chance to post the winners on Saturday and get the winners address ASAP.....we would like to have these out the winners on Monday morning December 20, hopefully making to your home by Christmas!

Tea Balls....we have 2!!!
by: Amanda

Pink Tea Ball
These are made of glass beads, the pink and black has a heart charm at the end. Can't you just see this hanging out of your favorite tea cup? I can smell the aroma of tea now :-)

Blue Tea Ball
There is also this bold blue with ball gem charm at the end, the white and blue bead pattern reminds me of some antique china that Arthur's sister Karen has....I have always admired it! I don't own one of these tea ball, but sure hope Amanda will make me one...hint hint Miss Amanda

Apron and Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
Apron by: Rebekah
Cookie mix by: Elizabeth

The apron is a half apron, with a pocket on the right side. We have become apron lovers over the past 2 years, like tote bags you can't have to many.

This is a larger view of the apron print, yes tea pots, the Muncks are warm tea drinkers :-)

Glass Bead Bracelet
This bracelet has square and round beads, the beads have a small flower print on them. We are so glad Amanda is making jewelry, she keeps us in the cutest jewelry. We love to see the designs and patterns she comes up with, it's so fun!

Cross-Stitch Dish Towel and Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Mix
Towel by:Me, Laura
Cookie Mix by: Elizabeth

The cookies are very easy to make and require little ingredients from you. This is a great cookie mix to allow your children to bake for dessert one night! Dish towel, not sure you can say much about that :-? But it would look nice in your kitchen, I'm sure!

Personalized Ornament
By: Elizabeth

This is the ornament Elizabeth made last week for our winner Sharon. What name or word would you like on your ornament?


We also have a red ribbon with silver trim not pictured and one with polka dots red and green. Elizabeth has several paint colors to choose from green, red, gold, silver, and black. So, what color scheme would work best on your tree?

We want to again keep it simple this year, really there aren't any rules! You can enter to win a giveaway up to 2 times, you will find the details below. The winner will be picked by

1 entry...
Just leave us a comment, letting us know what giveaway you would like.

For a second entry...
Post our giveaway on your blog, please leave us a separate comment to tell us you did so. This giveaway will be listed at the top of our sidebar as long as it is running.


Marsha said...

I would love to have either one of the tea balls.

Thanks so much!

Marsha Sawyer

Hannah said...

I would like the apron and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix! The apron print is so cute!



Rebekah said...

I would like to have the Glass Bead Bracelet!



Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Hum... Hard choices. I am still hung up on the tote bags. : ) I LOVE aprons but I am already the proud owner of one Munch apron (thank you again) so I'm thinking the bracelet or the tea ball but i love it all.

Kelli Z. said...

I would love the personalized ornament for my brother and sister in law who just got married this past May. I don't think they have an "our first Christmas" ornament or anything with their wedding date and names on it, so I think they would really appreciate this.

Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway this month. It's so very thoughtful.

kelli417 at gmail

MamaAnt said...

If I won, you could pick something for me. Thanks. I like it all and could not choose.

Rach said...

I would love the apron and cookie mix! What cute little things you have to giveaway!

Anonymous said...

We're hot tea drinkers too so I'll have to go with the apron and cookie mix. Thanks for hosting this!


Amanda said...

Everything is great, but I think that I would like to be entered for the Chocolate Cookie Mix and apron. I also like aprons. :)

Deb said...

Hi! I'm here on your blog for the first time...just received an email from a friend who knows I love giveaways! :) I have so enjoyed my visit...Congratulations on expecting a new family member, too!

I think I would pick the cross-stitch towel and cookie mix. Thank you for the chance to get to meet you on your blog!

Amanda said...

I have also posted a link to your blog on my blog. :)

Neva 'Dele said...

I wouyld LOVE the bracelet!! :)

Thanks for doing these!


Neva 'Dele said...

Posted about this awesome giveaway on my blog!


jojo said...

i would love to win the teaballs and if i don't win can someone message me we have tea from china that needs drinking

rebecca said...

I would love the apron!

Anonymous said...

I would love the pink tea ball! I don't drink tea, but I have quite a few friends that do! :)



Anonymous said...

I posted this on my blog!


Beth said...


Great giveaways!

Katie said...

I would love the apron and cookie mix.


Morgan said...

I would love the glass bead bracelet.


JennyH said...

You make this hard to pick! Again, your girls are very talented.

I would pick the bracelet.

misslynda said...

Beautiful gifts but do NOT draw my name again since I have won once. You all are sweet to do this. It makes the holiday even more fun!

Tiffany said...

Thank you again for the neat giveaways! I would choose either the blue tea ball or the apron set. Your blog is so fun and encouraging to read!

Laura Lee said...

Okay, I would have to say the pink tea ball is my favorite :)

goatmilker said...

I would love the blue tea ball.

Cinnamon said...

Thanks for the reminder :-) Glass beads... glass beads:-)

Love all the prizes!!


Sharon said...

oops, I misunderstood the entry instructions and chose two. Please enter me for the tea towel and peanutbutter cup drawing only. All of our unseasonably cold weather here in the tropics apparently chilled my brain - sorry. :)

Ruby's Mom said...

I LOVE your giveaways! Your girls are so talented! The Tea Balls are beautiful,I would love to win one of those!I also wouldn't mind winning an apron or the pretty bracelet.

Ruby's Mom said...

I posted this on my blog and will share it on my Facebook :)

tanya904 said...

Thanks so much for the generous giveaways. I would be thrilled to the Apron and Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I'm a friend of Ruby's Mom and I would like to win the Cross-Stitch Dish Towel and Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Mix I love Peanut butter cups:D Yummy

Anonymous said...

I Just posted and forgot to put my name ~Sherry~ Sorry about that:/

I'm Ruby's moms friend

The Spicer Family said...

I am also a friend of Ruby's Mom and I would mostly love Jonathan, but since he wasn't being offered ;-) I would love the glass bead bracelet or the apron. Actually, everything is just lovely! So glad Ruby's Mom posted this on her blog so I could see your lovely family. Merry Christmas! Jill Spicer

Christina said...

I would like either the ornament or the cookies! You guys are so sweet they all look so fun!

Stacey said...

I would love to win the Cross-Stitch Dish Towel and Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Mix.

The Mayo Family said...

Well it is finally blogged!
Blessings to the winners!