Monday, December 27, 2010

Our home at Christmas.....

On Friday morning Christmas Eve, our family read the last chapter in Luke. We started reading Luke on December 1 during our family devotions. The book of Luke contains 24 chapters, reading 1 chapter a day took us to Christmas Eve.

It was a wonderful way to see Jesus from birth and of His life as He walked the earth, then to His crucifixion, and His triumph over death with the resurrection. Oh what an unbelievable gift God gave us in His son Jesus.

The month of December seemed to have gone so fast, I had many things I wanted to blog and share, yet time never permitted. I often find myself having to weigh out blog time or things with family/children, it seems most often family and children weigh in heavier than blog time. I thought I would still share a few pictures of our home at Christmas. Maybe next year I'll get pictures of all the trees and many Nativities that we have. We so love Christmas with all the love, joy, and fellowship that comes along with it....and it all started with a small babe born in a manger.

Our family room tree, with our family and extended family presents all around.

This Nativity is very special to us, it came from our mission trip from Nicaragua.

Our little snow village, it looks like a little world all of it's own. We leave it up until February, I find it peaceful to look at the village in the evening. When the lights in the house are low and you just see the small glow of the makes for a pleasant time to gather my thoughts from the day.

Then, there are cookies, hot cocoa , hot tea, and fellowship that is priceless!

We hope each of you had a Christmas that was filled with love and wonderful memories. May we all continue to keep the mind set of Christmas throughout the year.


Cinnamon said...

I am changing your name Laura, to Martha Stewart. Even your cookies look perfect!

What a special time you created. I love reading about all you do. Inspiring~


Valerie said...

Praying your family had a blessed Christmas season. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL. Such special times, I'm sure!

You are not alone in weighing your time with family and blogging. I had such high hopes and grand intentions of posting more often, sharing our Christmas season with everyone. I found little time to blog during our non stop life. Oh well, the memories with family and friends are so special and I wouldn't have wanted to miss a moment of it for anything.

Merry CHRISTmas to your family, praying for a wonderful New Year for you as well!

misslynda said...

Where did you get the snowflake/snowperson ornament with your names. I like that.
And the new pictures of everyone on the side - - - LOVE those, too.
You are right to weigh in on family before blogging but we do love hearing from you!
P.S. I have received many compliments on my ornament - - - and I have actually picked out my giveaway for next Christmas. It will be marked on my calendar to do that.

mommyx12 said...

What a beautiful Christmas for your family. I know exactly how you feel about the blogging life. Just this month I found out how to schedule posts and so this makes it easier for me to do. When I get a few things I want to blog about I begin the post and add to or finish when time permits. That way it's in the making anyway!! It really did turn into being a time saver for me.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas at your house. Hope you have a very happy new year.



Jeannette said...

Love the new pictures on the blog! The ornament is adorable too. I love coming to visit your blog and seeing an uplifting!

Cindy said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! I love the idea of reading Luke during December! My husband has always read the Christmas story on Christmas morning, but we might start the Luke tradition next year!

Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Amy said...

Looks like you had a lovely Christmas! Love the header. That is a cute family ornament/decoration.

Theresa said...

Next year I want to take photos of our house at Christmas. I just didn't have my heart in it this year, as expected. I am thankful that Curtis and the children got a tree and decorated or it never would have gotten done.

I love your traditions!