Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Saturday of fun

Saturday, today I sit in my home and see the glow of our family room tree, breath in the smell of peppermint tea while sipping it from my favorite cup, and hear the sounds of Mark Lowery singing softly in the background. You see I'm home alone, I have a fever and flu like symptoms. The house is so very quite, and it feels odd to not have anyone here not sure I remember the last time I was home alone. My family went to our sweet friends Wes and Amy's for dinner, fellowship, game time and Christmas fun. I'm so glad they decided to go on this evening, I hope they are having a wonderful time, I know they are:-) I have rested had a nap and was thinking about what we were doing as a family last Saturday and thought I would share with you.

Our family went to a musical December 4th last Saturday afternoon, The Singing Christmas Tree.

It was very cool and windy last Saturday, we were thankful we didn't have to walk to far from the van.

The Chattanooga Boys Choir puts on the singing Christmas tree ever year for the past 48 years, and this is their 56th year as a choir. This year the performance was 2 part, the Christmas singing and after intermission it was followed by the play/singing of The Polar Express. It was all preformed so well, even our littles were enthralled.

Often as a family we try to choose an event or trip in advance that we would like to attend/do. We then pray about the event/trip, when we feel the Lord giving us the go ahead then comes saving for the occasion. Our children chose this event back in October and we started saving then in our jar. This is a great way for our children to see the value of money and another way to work as a team with the end result being a family day out! It gives each child a sense of accomplish and pride knowing they helped make the event possible. I'll have to do a story on our family money jar another day, and the places our children have saved to go.

Here you have it the singing Christmas tree, as they sang each new song the lights on the tree would change color as would the back ground color behind the tree.

The boys are made up of 3 boys choirs, those on the tree are the younger boys and those standing over to the left int tuxedos are the older boys. Their voices sounded like angels, and they sang each song with such passion.

It was so nice to see in our day and age that they had a live (people) nativity, we were shocked that most all of the songs they sang were of Jesus and His birth. One song that our family loves is the song~ Ave Maria~ (we enjoy hearing David Phelps sing it) they also sang a traditional Israeli song called ~Hine Ma Tov~ each song was so heartwarming to hear, along with the familiar Christmas songs we have all grown to enjoy.

Sorry this picture is blurry it was dark and we couldn't use a flash, but I wanted to share the view of the angel over the stable. This was just a lovely program and a great way to welcome in December and Christmas, as we long to keep our focus on Christ.

The Singing Christmas Tree was preformed at the historic Tivoli Theater in downtown Chattanooga, it's a beautiful building and was decorated beautifully for Christmas.

Miss Ruth Ella along with her siblings had an amazing time at the theater, and on our way home we stopped off at Cracker Barrel ...yum, for an early dinner! This was a Saturday to remember.

My family just walked in, so I'll close this post so I can hear their stories of their evening with Wes and their voices, laughing, and giddy sounds coming into the house it's safe to say they had a fantastic time. Good evening to all :-)


The Mayo Family said...

Hello Laura,
Sorry to hear your not feeling well...will be praying for you!
You rest & take care!
Rejoicing with your family for the special "Saturday Memories".
You take care & enjoy your week! Love & prayers,

misslynda said...

Sure hope you are feeling better and am glad you felt good enough to tell us about your Christmas celebrations!

JennyH said...

That looks really fun. I hope you are feeling better. 2 of my kiddos are home sick today.

Sammy and Missy Parris said...

I'll be praying for you and I hope we didn't give you anything. We really enjoyed the visit.
God Bless You!

Amy said...

That looks like a great family outing! Hope you get to feeling better soon and that your family stays well.

mommyx12 said...

What a wonderful Christmas celebration for your family. I hope you are feeling better soon.