Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christmas in July

At the Munck house Friday nights are family night, we always have a fast supper and super sweet dessert.... YUM!!! Then we either have a game night or Moo-B (as Wesley calls it) night. A month or so back Elizabeth and I talked it over and thought it would be fun to have a theme night once a month. So, last week was our first family theme night, Christmas in July. The 2 new ginger bread houses that were still in the box from December were our inspiration behind the theme. Friday morning Elizabeth and I got busy knowing we only had until 5pm to transform our kitchen. We hadn't told the other children (the 5 older children worked at the shop with Arthur that day)what the theme was, so this made it more exciting. Here are some pictures from our evening.....

Our kitchen tree was decorated with Christmas balls in red with the nativity on them, and the clear with snow flakes.

Elizabeth baked ginger snap cookies which filled the house with the aroma of Christmas.

The table was set with our Christmas cloth, and we had Christmas music playing in the back ground.

We all laughed because it was somewhat hard to think of it being Christmas when the weather outside had been 95 that day.

When the children arrived home they changed out of their Great Doggie Doos clothes into their Christmas motif.

Each one of the children had a small token gift to open, they received a small ornament for the Christmas tree.

We had Christmas movies out for our Moo-B night.

We also had a craft before the Moo-B.

The children made finger puppets, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Wise Men, Angels, and a Lamb. We purchased 2 of these kits from Hobby Lobby for just $2.99 a piece. Our children have enjoyed the puppets and believe it our not they have held up well.

Then came the ginger bread houses, and a little competition to see who could build the best house in 15 minutes.

The littles set to work decorating accent pieces while the bigs assembled the houses. The pressure was on because we saw all to soon that 15 minutes wasn't enough time, so we added 5 more minutes. With icing, powdered sugar, and candy being tossed about I was shocked the houses turned out so well. So who won the competition.....

Team #1 and our house....

Team #2 and their house........
Team #2 WON!!!! Their house was awesome and packed full of sweet goodies!

This is what happened to the houses as soon as the winner was announced.....

they were eaten......

they were licked.....

and they were messy!
It only took those who ate the houses a few minutes to see that a few bites was all they could handle, before they were going to go into a sugar coma. Our first theme night was a success!
As we were sitting at the table enjoying the fellowship, music, and mood of the evening, we saw how nice it was to have Christmas in July. The Christmas mindset of celebrating Christ birth should be every day not just December or July! How thankful we are for the babe born of a virgin, in a stable, grew to be a man who knew no sin, yet died on a cross for our sins, rose from the grave, and ascended into heaven to prepare a place for you and I.
I am the good sheperd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.
John 10:11

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Celebrating another year....

Happy Anniversary

Dating years...
Time of Engagement....

Then we became 1!!!

A year later 1992 came Elizabeth...

Then in 1993 came Amanda....

Now a family of 4!

By Mother's Day 1995 Rebekah joined our family...

Now we were a family of 5!

In February of 1997
God gave us our first son Madison!

Easter 1998 our family was now a family of 6!
October 9, 1998
We were given a special gift Jonathan,
We had a few grown up events to attend,
I always love being at your side!

Spring 1999
we were now a family of 7 and finding our groove!

Fall of 1999

Fall of 2000 was beautiful and
by then we were looking forward to baby #6 James.
(all pictures of our family at that this time are on another computer,oops!)
James made his way into our family on November 13, 2000
bringing us to be a family of 8!
Life was very full at this point,
but you always made sure there was still time for US!
It seemed like time was flying it was now Easter 2003
and we had welcomed Stephen into our family.
Winter 2003
Winter of 2004
this was the start of chemo!
Fall 2004 and 4 months after chemo,
we were given William.
Now we were a family of 10!

Summer 2005
at this point there wasn't a dull moment ;)

Fall 2006

Christmas 2007

Great Doggie Doos
Christmas 2008
Wesley was born in March of 2007
making us a family of 11!

Father's Day 2009
Baby #10 to arrive the end of summer.

Fall 2009
now a family of 12,
Ruth Ella joined our family in September!

Winter 2010
Look we finally have big kids who can take pictures of us:)

Easter 2010

I feel very blessed to be married to my best friend.
Over the years we have shared much joy with births of children,
working side by side in our family business and home,
mission trips, vacations,
and just our plain and simple daily life.
Along with all of that we have had times of trial
debt, loss of loved ones, the sale of our business,
career changes, having a child born with special needs,
Arthur's battle with cancer, a miscarriage, and
other fiery darts being thrown our way.
But by keeping the lines of communication open and
seeking the Lord in these times,
we have not only grown in our faith
but also closer to one another.

I love you so much Arthur and thank God daily for you.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pure happiness.....

Jonathan and James
Spring 2001

Today I was sorting through a large storage box filled with pictures of years past. I ran across the picture above and it melted my heart. My mind was flooded with memories of long ago when Jonathan truly filled the shoes of a big brother. Now James the little brother by 2.1 years passes Jonathan up in size and ability. The tables have now turned, James acts like the big brother and Jonathan's protector. It's neat to see where they stand as brothers. Jonathan admires James, and looks to him for direction. In the picture I'm reminded of how happy Jonathan always was when James was around. He is still as happy today with James, he loves James very deeply.

The happiness for which our souls ache is one undisturbed by success or failure, one which will root deeply inside us and give inward relaxation, peace, and contentment, no matter what the surface problems may be. That kind of happiness stands in need of no outward stimulus.

~Billy Graham

When I read this the first person I thought of with such an attitude and outlook was Jonathan, he knows such happiness. I find it funny that people often times look at him with pity, thinking that he was slighted in life because he has Down Syndrome. No need to pity him for having been born with Ds, a hearing loss, and medical issues, the Lord has blessed him beyond measure. For what the world sees as imperfection was made perfect in His image, and Jonathan's soul, happiness, and attitude reflect just that!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010