Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A little look at our week so far...

This is what the road in front of our store looked like before the street plow came through last night. OK, for our friends up north this might not look like a big deal but we never get snow/ice
like this. In took our little city a few days to get the streets under control. As of today the main roads have been cleared, but the side roads are still pretty bad.

Today Great Doggie Doos our business reopened. Bright and early this morning Madison got busy shoveling ice and putting down salt to make it safe for our customers. We didn't groom today, we just opened for daycare and to care for the dogs that are there boarding. Amanda and Madison ran the store today, I think they were happy to see lots of our 4 legged friends return.

This is where Arthur and the children went sledding, this is Tinsley Park. It is located right behind our store,they have spent loads of time over there the past couple of days.

(James, Rebekah, Amanda, & the bottom of the hill are Stephen & Madison)

Tonight after supper Arthur, Elizabeth, Amanda, Rebekah, and Madison headed back out to night sled. When they returned they said the sledding was the fastest yet, we have all really enjoyed the snow. The little boys spent a little over 2 hours playing outside today, and didn't even want to come in then. That made for a quite house for their Mama, and some worn out boys from some hard play....a great mix!

Now what about a certain little girl who didn't go out to play? Well, she took a nice long nap. THEN.....

She did her favorite 2 things, climbed up on Wesley's bed to eat toothpaste!

Yep, that's what she likes to do play on Wesley's bed, BUT more than anything she loves to eat toothpaste....ALL THE TIME! Life is never dull, always full, and I love every minute of it :) I hope everyone is having a fantastic week, I know we are.


Valerie said...

Sounds like a great week so far. The snow we were supposed to get last night never came..we were so sad. :(

Your little one eating toothpaste is too cute, but Oh it makes my stomach hurt thinking about eating that. Think I'd rather have chocolate. :) Silly girl!

Cinnamon said...

Oh what fun that looks like!! I told John tonight that our streets look like they've been sprinkled with fairy dust...they just glitter all over :-) Sooo beautiful!


Christine @ Live to Learn said...

Good Morning!
I was just thinking that Joshua could teach Ruth Ella his newest trick, washing his hands in the toilet. It would really come in handy when she gets toothpaste on her hands. :)
If Joshua knew where we kept the toothpaste he'd be all over it too. On the other hand, he thinks my iphone is the best thing ever. The problem though is that he knows he's not supposed to have it so when he grabs it and we catch him, he ends up throwing it to the ground. Ugh! At least he's cute. :)

Amy said...

Looks like a fun week for the kids enjoying the rare occasion of snow. Love the Ruth Ella pictures with the toothpaste :)

Nabila Grace said...

I was just in Cleveland today! And the main roads were good but the side roads did look a bit bad still! That's great that the park is right there to sled at! :o) Ruth Ella is too sweet! She reminds me of my 18 month old! ;o)

Anonymous said...

We had quite a bit of snow here in northern Georgia. Today was the first day some of the men in our family could make it into the office. We've enjoyed all the sledding, snowball fights and even shoveling off the driveway.
Your little Ruth Ella is such a cutie pie!


Theresa said...

Hmmm, interesting choice of snack!

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Oh my. Emma and her could have "lunch" together sometime. Emma loves toothpaste too.