Monday, January 24, 2011

Stephen's Birthday

Memories Monday

I'm finally getting Stephen's birthday posted from October, better late than never I always say:)


On the morning of Stephen's birthday, he woke up to having the stomach bug. It was a Saturday and we had already decorated for his party. We were so sad he was sick!

His birthday theme was Hot Wheels....

But he didn't really feel up to a party or playing!

We had planned a birthday dinner of his favorite thing blackened salmon.....NOT good for a boy with the stomach flu!

Stephen slept off and on most of the day and by evening was feeling a little better, but not up for a big meal. So, we switched gears and made breakfast for his birthday dinner, his other favorite thing......
*Biscuits & Gravy
*Grape & apples

He nibbled at his dinner and then we decided we would wait and have cake on Sunday. That would give his stomach another day to recoup from his illness. Stephen opened his presents after dinner, feeling poorly or not a boy couldn't wait another day for his know:)


The next day Stephen was feeling much better and ready to finish his birthday celebration! It was a beautiful fall day so we decided to spend it outside.

We roasted hot dogs over the fire pit!!!! So for dinner on Sunday we had....
*Hot dogs
* and Chips

This was a real treat because we don't eat hot dogs and chips often, I believe Stephen enjoyed having 2 birthday meals.

Finally it was cake time.....

All the littles came in and got cleaned up and put their pajamas on, and we had cake for a snack!

8 years old already, he'll be driving a real car before we know it! Time goes way to fast!

Stephen is now 8.3 years old, and in the past 3 months we have seen him grow in so many ways. He is growing so fast but the growth that I love seeing the most is the growth we see in him spiritually. We look forward to what the Lord has in store for him the rest of this year!

We love you, Buddy!!!!

NEXT week...
Memories Monday
Ruth Ella's 1st Birthday. Yes, that was in September, I am behind!!! But that will catch me up from last year, and get me ready for the birthday season to start over again next month! Wondering why I'm posting these very late birthdays, I want to chronicle them for my children/family late or not ;)


Laura said...

Happy late Birthday to Stephen!! I like the tree that you decorate for different occasions.

Cinnamon said...

Happy late birthday Stephen :-)

Can we borrow your girls to come decorate on our birthdays!! You inspire me to do that little extra.


Sharon said...

What an incredible car cake! Did you decorate it or have it done at a shop?

Missy said...

Love that car theme you did and the cake was fantastic as usual. We love to see your birthday posts! Not great that he got sick on his birthday! But I guess it was like having two parties! Happy late Birthday! Missy

JennyH said...

Love those pictures. Looking forward to Ruth Ella's pictures too.