Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Putting the New Year into perspective

When the New Year began our family wanted a word to focus on for the New Year. The first few days into the New Year we couldn't decided on just one word so, we took 9 words to focus on and a passage of scripture.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Galatians 5:22

We knew our older children all knew the fruits of the spirit, but our younger ones didn't. We decided to decorate our kitchen tree with the fruits and the topper is an apple to have that has the scripture written on it.

Over the past few weeks we have worked on not only learning the scripture but seeing how each one applies to our daily lives.

The boys have taken this on as part of their handwriting and creative writing this month.

In the middle of the month Arthur and I saw what word we should be focusing on as a family this year. It wasn't the word we would have picked on January 1. It was "the" word that Christ spoke to us KINDNESS! Any of the other 8 fruits of the spirit could have been our word for this year, but kindness no doubt was the one we need to strive to achieve. What we have seen is how we can at times have a short answer for a loved one/sibling, how at times our attention isn't focused on those who are speaking, how the tone of our voice can at time be unkind or belittling, and for the littles it could be not sharing. Not that we aren't seeking to be kind to those outside our home, but why is it that it is so easy to be kind to friends and extended family? So this year we seek to improve on our kindness to friends and extended family....BUT we also PRAY to be filled with overflowing kindness in word and deeds to our loved ones/siblings!


Amy said...

Great post!! I too have been noticing those things about myself toward my children and my children to one another. This is a great thing to work on and focus for the year. Thanks for sharing!

Lynda said...

WONDERFUL idea and GREAT word! You remind me of the Duggars TV show this week where Michelle kindly explained to two of the younger ones about how to kindly talk with each other - - - rather than with the emotion of the moment. (A brother of about 5 or 6 took the ice cream from the younger sister (3 or 4) because he knew she wasn't supposed to have it without asking mom first. Sister screamed and cried.) Michelle had both children repeat 10 times the words they should have spoken to each other. They were all giggling at the end but their repetition helped reinforce the lesson.

missy said...

What a great idea to use the fruits of the spirit. I think we sall can strive to show more kindness. In one of the Maxwell books she talks about not wanting to raise her voice or have an upset sound ever with her children. I wish I could just go a day without having that "tone"! I love the tree too it looks so pretty! Can't wait to see pictures of the work you all did. We loved the story of Arthur and Elizabeth and the Wal Mart trips. Sounds like us! Love you all! Missy

Cinnamon said...

So well put. I always ask my kids "how would you like me to make a delicious meal for someone else and feed you something gross and with no thought?" Love starts at home, Kindness starts at home. Then it can overflow to others....perfect!


Cindy said...

This is a great idea! Our family can sometimes be short with each other or just not listening. What a creative way to work on listening to the Lord and learning His word!

His bondservant said...

Love this idea. We have a alpine fir tree as well that I like to decorate. What a wonderful way to use it! I have enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing the beautiful pictures of your family. God bless you!

Theresa said...

The childcare center has the philosophy of the Fruit of the Spirit. I use to work in the Patient Plum room but now I am in the Good Apples.