Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Always a Mama

Today I am 32 weeks along!!! It's so hard for me to believe that in 8 weeks give or take we will welcome Baby 11 into our home! I'm feeling well, and B-I-G!!! But big is so worth it when the outcome is a fuzzy headed, sweet smelling baby. There isn't anything sweeter than that! I think most Mamas would agree, if you had 100 children in your lifetime that there is nothing more wonderful than your new born being placed upon your chest for the that first nuzzle....a little slice of heaven on earth!

I knew such a mother as this, when I was growing up. The kind of Mother that would have welcomed in those 100 babies. She was a tiny, wrinkled, frail, gray haired lady who sat in a wheel chair. I didn't know her personally, and by the time I met her she couldn't communicated with me. You see this Lady was in the nursing home, and my mother was her nurse for many years. Several times a week after school I would go to the nursing home to wait until my mothers shift was over. When the patients supper came I would walk rounds with my mother as she gave out medications. A few times my mother introduced me to this Lady, my mother would always tell her "this is my daughter Laura, she is my baby". She never spoke but when my mother spoke it would often bring a smile to her face. As my mother would finish giving out medications in the dining hall this Lady seemed to always keep me captivated. She would sit in her wheel chair holding a baby doll. She held it close to her chest, rocked the doll and sang songs to it. I never saw this Lady without a baby doll in her arms. Without anyone giving you information about this Lady had you seen her for yourself you would have known, she is a MAMA! In her appearance a million words were spoken about who she was, her songs and care for her baby spoke another million about her heart ♥

My mother told me some about the Lady, she had Alzheimer's Disease. She had many children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She had loved being a Mama and grandmother. My mother said that her family often spoke about how she was happiest when she had a baby in her arms and was caring for little ones. My mother also told me that she didn't remember her children or grandchildren any more because of the Alzheimer's. But the thing she did remember was the one thing she loved the most, being a Mama to all her babies...her children and grandchildren!

Today being a Mama to soon to be 11 children brings great joy to my heart and I feel beyond blessed. I hope when I am old others will be able to look at me and without words spoken see on my countenance I'm a "Mama". For I am unworthy of the gift of 11 children. I praise God everyday for the miraculous gift of children, each one is very special!

"Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 19:14


Lisa said...

Oh, Laura, I can just picture this Lady, sweetly rocking a baby doll. What a very special memory. How amazing that her family can testify to her love of children, as evidenced in her life of many around her.
Thank you for sharing!

You look absolutely beautiful by the way! Woo hoo! Only 8 weeks to go!

The Pauls' Family said...

What a beautiful story! And yes, your countenance will always show a blessed, beautiful Mama who loves her children dearly :)

oh....have you pressed send lately? LOL!

Cinnamon said...

What a beautiful Mama you are. I love the new header and your family just keeps getting better and more special with each new little blessing.

You look GREAT too!!

Can't wait to "meet" your tiny bundle.


Deb said...

Laura ~ you made me cry this morning. I don't know why I was touched so much by this little old lady with the doll. Thank you for sharing her story. And I'll be praying for you as the due date gets closer. LOVE the new header!!

Laura said...

That is a sweet story. You won't have to wait until you are old for others to be able to look at you and tell that you are a Mama by your countenance! It is very evident now! You look beautiful, and I can't wait to meet your newest little one!

Beth said...

What a sweet post!!! And I love the new blog look!!!!

The Mayo Family said...

Oh, Laura,
Sniff sniff....a beautiful story!
Yes, I agree with the others your a beautiful Momma & I am so excited what special gift the Lord is sending!
I cant believe that your already to the count down! Wow!
Praying for you ---all!

Anonymous said...

I think your words here speak volumes as to your love of children. I'll be praying for a safe delivery for you and extra rest in these final weeks.
Will you all be at the GHEA conference this year? I was hoping we could meet.


Laura said...

Amen!! Being a Mama is such a blessing! I can't get over that little lady rocking a baby doll... how sweet.

And as another woman who's VERY pregnant at the moment (38 weeks today!), I completely understand when you say B.I.G. There really isn't any other descriptor! haha! Although for me... lumbering might be even more accurate. :)

Sunny said...

What a beautiful post. I didn't know you where expecting again. Congrats! Praying all goes well with the remainder of your pregnancy. I love the new blog layout:)

Sammy and Missy Parris said...

What a precious story! And I have to tell you that you have to be one of the prettiest pregnant Mamas I have ever known. You had that glow about you today when I ran into you two at the store. My girls hated that they didn't come in with me after the boys said we saw you guys! Tell everyone hello! I'm so ashamed we have to run into each other at the grocery store when we only live a few minutes apart! Hope to visit with you soon!

JennyH said...

Wow- this pregnancy has flown by (at least to me it seems that way!)

I think you are such a great mom. You have a beautiful family.

Amy said...

This is a beautiful story!!!

Btw, love your new header. You are so cute that belly:)

Momma Bug said...

Dear Laura,
Thank you. I needed that picture in my mind and heart today.


Theresa said...

How beautiful...the Lady, your story, but mostly just you! Tears are in my eyes for I too am a momma and feel the same way.

Love you!

PS - I hope you don't mind but I am sharing this on FB.