Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunny Florida

Our family is in the sunny state of Florida this week. We arrived on Saturday, and I have been trying to get this post up since then. Our trip down was, well, EVENTFUL to say the least....yet it could have been "much" worse! The ride was going smoothly, the children were all behaving wonderfully, and we had had 1 fuel stop, a lunch break, and 2 potty breaks...which is great when you have a pregnant wife and 10 kids;) We were 20 miles from our resort when..."POW POW POW" this very LOUD embarrassingly LOUD noise started coming from our van! Our first thought was it's the muffler, did it fall off??? We pulled over, thankfully we were off the interstate by then. Arthur got out but couldn't see anything hanging from under the van, but the noise, WOW, was unreal! Being Saturday afternoon at 3:45PM we knew we better act fast to get it to a shop at that hour, in a town we didn't know a mechanic. So, I got on my phone and did a search for a muffler shop in that area, I found one 15 minutes away. Off we go, in a LOUD van, that now is releasing an oh so odd smell, so we had to put our windows down. We couldn't go to fast because the faster we drove the LOUDER the noise got....YES, we were a sight, and trust me we had lots of looks. Nothing like a family from Tennessee, in a 15 passenger van, with the windows down, luggage on the back, in a super LOUD van coming your way....Nope we weren't fitting into the very posh neighborhood in which we were driving through, with their gated neighborhoods and expensive cars. Really all we could do was just laugh!!!!! We made it to the muffler shop, they look a fast look and it wasn't the muffler! No, our van had thrown a spark plug and messed up the coil, the smell was fuel coming up out of the whole where the spark plug was suppose to be! (Now none of that means anything it me, all I understand at this point is it's NOT good!) We had our van worked on a few months ago and they had replaced one of the coils and all the spark plugs, so this was upsetting! None the less we needed to get it fixed and get to our resort. The muffler place also did engine repair but not of this kind on Saturday at now 4:20PM. They did how ever stop the fuel from going to the spark plug and shut that off....helping us to be able to get to our resort safely...BUT NOT WITHOUT LOTS OF NOISE STILL!!!

We unloaded and settled in, glad to be out of the van! We have AAA, so Arthur got busy trying to find a AAA repair place close by the resort. He found one and called AAA to arrange for the tow truck to come and pick up the van. Of course that would have to be on Monday, since nobody does repairs on Sunday. Monday morning Arthur met the tow truck at the van around 7AM, and off the van went to be repaired. By late afternoon the van was fixed, for this we were very thankful and for the Lord taking care of all the details along the way. This all could have been much worse, the only real inconvenience was being without transportation for a few days. This trip to Florida wasn't something that had been planned like our other trips. (2 dear friends of our blessed us with this trip to their timeshare) We came down here just to relax and get away, we hoped to go a few places while here but really hadn't set any plans/places in stone....making this trip very flexible.

Here is what we did our first few days :)

To keep this trip relaxed and stress free upon arrival we decided to bring all of our groceries with us from home. We also came prepared to have a birthday party, Wesley's birthday was on Monday. We were so thankful to have come so prepared, the Lord knew to prompt us to do so. We have felt His hand of peace upon us this whole trip. Below are the pictures of our boxes of birthday items, Sunday evening the kids helped to get the decorations ready and up! More pictures and updates to come, hopefully soon........


Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Oh my Laura. I am so sorry to hear that but I sure do wish I could have been an onlooker. LOL. I am really envious of that warm sunny weather and water!!!!! Oh it's cold and raining/flooding here. You aren't missing a thing!!!!! What a blessing from your friends! I love the boys swim tops. I do wish I could have snag the suit for Zion! : ) Have a great time! Love you,

Deb said...

Oh my!!! So glad that you arrived safely and the van is fixed! Have a wonderful sunny time in Florida! I've only been to Florida once (last October), and the warm weather was great! Today in VA we're having some snow flurries and icing with lots of rain predicted for later. Enjoy yourselves!

The Mayo Family said...

Dear Munck's,
Ah! We just got done putting winter garb through the wash/dry as they just got done ..."SHOVELING"! Ug!
The pictures are wonderful!
We are thankful God kept you safe during all of this!
We will pray for your r & r and please.....enjoy the weather & just for us take a extra 30min swim! Ah.............we smell pool!
Enjoy it friends!

The Pauls' Family said...

Glad you are able to get away as a family. Hope you make lots of great memories and have a super time together. Love to you all! Hope to hear from you soon. Mark and Rosalie

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you arrived safely. We just picked up our van yesterday from having the air conditioner replaced a second time. We went in last summer for a minor repair. Two minutes after I left the mechanic's shop our air conditioner exploded. It had been fine when we took it in. We had to replace the whole thing (our expense). I turned it on the other day for the first time this spring and it wasn't working. Back to the shop. The air conditoner had to be replaced again. They would only replace the part under warranty for free but charged for all the other parts and labor. It will be our last visit to this shop. It's so hard to find a good mechanic.
Hope your repair went well and lasts. Looke like you had a nice trip despite the car trouble.


Cindy said...

I imagine hearing those noises coming from your van was frightening! Especially with it filled with your children! Glad everyone arrived safely and that the beginning of your week is going well.

The Pauls' Family said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time!
Glad you were able to go!
Love ya!
Ker Ker

Megan said...

Oh, dear! So glad everybody kept safe!
Happy that you could get away and do some relaxing! :) Looks like you are having alot of fun!! Say Happy Birthday to Wesley for me PLEASE!!

Love you all,
Have lots of fun k? :)


Lynda said...

Sorry you had to do the vehicle repairs but praise God You did not have an accident or worse damage to the van. Relaxing - - - wonderful! And you all sound so organized with the groceries and party supplies. I am impressed.

Missy said...

Looks like you all are having a great time. Glad you were close to the condo when all the excitement happened. Breakdowns are especially no fun on vacation. We have had constant rain here. Enjoy your vacation!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Oh my! What an adventure you guys had! At least you can laugh at it now! Praise our God for getting you to where you needed to go and put on your mind to bring food from home!

Enjoy your family time!