Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wesley turned 4!!!



Because we are on vacation, we decorated Sunday night so Wesley could wake to his day of celebration :)

Wesley has been talking about his birthday for months, actually he started talking about it right after we took down our Christmas tree.

From the moment he started talking about his birthday he continued to tell us that he wanted a Chip and Dale party. For as long as I can remember Wesley has liked Chip and Dale. We have an old Chip and Dale video with Mickey Mouse and all the gang, he finds them so funny...even the ones in black and white!

This theme wasn't the easiest, because Chip and Dale are older characters and not as popular but we thought we could pull it off.

Good Morning, Birthday Boy!!! Wesley telling us how old he now is, 4!

The birthday boy ready to open his presents.....

Wesley opening his first gift, his gift from Ruth Ella....

Next it was William's turn, yay, a sticker book.....

Last sibling but not least of all, Elizabeth, Ah cozy jammies!

We baked cup cakes....

And we placed Circus Peanuts on top...Chip and Dale love nuts :)

Wesley liked the Circus Peanuts, they are loaded with sugar...just what a 4 year old likes!

Ruth Ella just liked the icing, it's finger licking good!

The cupcakes, Wesley's birthday candies M&M's and Skittles were at hit with everyone! We very much enjoyed celebrating Wesley's 4th birthday here in Florida. We are ever so thankful that we brought all the party supplies and presents with us, considering how we started off our trip. But it turned out great!

We love you so much Wesley!!!!


Lynda said...

I'm reading in reverse order so have not read about your trip yet. The birthday looked like it was wonderful fun for everyone!

The Pauls' Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET LIL WESLEY!!!!Love ya little guy!and miss ya!
Love Ker Ker

The Pauls' Family said...

Happy Birthday Wesley! I like your shirt!
I love you and miss you
Love Mikaya :)

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Oh what fun. I was excited to see some of his gifts. Being the inquisitive person that I am, I always wonder what large families with a "simple" lifestyle give their children/siblings. We are changing the way we do birthdays this year. We have always invited Jeremy's parents, and both his brothers and their families as well as my parents but in the last year we have had so many disappointed kiddos from his family not showing up we have decided to just invite my parents. We decided to let each of the kiddos buy gifts for their siblings, which runs us into the problem that right now none of them get money.... so we are in process of figuring that out too. : )

Anyway. Looks like a great birthday as always!!!!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday, Wesley!!!

I know it is Wesley's birthday - but look how big Ruth Ella is getting (it is really noticeable in the picture of her and Wesley in the chair)!!

missy said...

Happy birthday to Wesley! Hope you had a wonderful day in Sunny Florida. What a fun way to celebrate we love Chip and Dale too. Love the Parris Family

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

So nice of you to make his day special, by bringing all the decorations to Florida with you. The Lord has blessed him with a sweet family!

I like the colors and it looks like he enjoyed his theme and time.

Have fun on vacation!

Safe travels home!


Theresa said...

Oh yes, my birthday buddy. I am just a liiitttle older than four, however. Happy Belated. I can't believe he is four already!

Laura said...

Happy belated birthday to Wesley! What a sweetie!