Friday, April 29, 2011

Devastation in the South!

This is a picture of devastation in our city, and yet, this is only a small glimpse! On Wednesday afternoon around 4PM, the first of a phase of tornadoes that wrecked havoc on the south began. Rain and hail began to fall, then off at a distance Elizabeth saw it coming and she yelled "mom, it's coming"! I ran for the boys and she ran for Ruth Ella and we took cover. The lights began to flicker and then off went the power. Within minutes a silence fell all around, it had now passed. We looked out and saw trees on neighbors homes, debris scattered all around, our tree down on the power lines, neighbors roofs peeled back, power lines laying on the road, and pulled from our house. There were 3 more phases that came through after the first one, the last one being around 11PM that night. We took cover each time, but the main damage in our area was done at 4PM. We were without power for about 2 hours the first time and again later for about an hour. In our area we seem to get our power restored quickly, the main reason being we live between 2 very large companies M&M Mars (that makes candy) and Duracell (that makes batteries). So, for us the storm was minor, just clean up. We are so thankful for the Lord's hand being upon us, and our hearts are breaking for those who were hit in such a profound way!

For several of our friends it was "much" worse! We know some who completely lost their homes, and several who had massive damage done to their homes. All of these people will be without power for the next 2-3 weeks, not to mention trying to put their lives back together. In our city 9 lives were lost, and there are still a few being searched for at this time. They are asking people to stay home unless they really must get out, to cut down on the congestion in areas. Churches are pulling together to feed those without power or a home. The 2 colleges here in town Lee University and Cleveland State, along with the YMCA and The Rush are offering free showers to those without power. In the past 2 days our boarding went from keeping a few dogs while their owners were on vacation, to almost being completely booked. With homes damaged, or completely destroyed, and fences smashed it seems people need somewhere to place their pets. The magnitude of this kind of disaster is hard to believe, and it all just seems surreal!

I cannot image what it would feel like to lose your home or to be in the home at the time. Yet, far worse than losing a home would be the death of a loved one during a tornado!

Our prayers are with those in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama who were stuck by the tornado.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The time has come.....

Let the swimming BEGIN!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was the first official day of swimming for 2011!!!! With the pool temperature at 84, the boys could wait no longer.

Last night we had some very happy boys......

Along with some boys that were very tired after their swim!!!!

Oh how this Mama loves the swimming season, for 2 key reasons......

#1 being the pure joy it brings to her children

#2 being that it burns out lots of energy, and makes those Kiddos sleep like a log ;)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


The count down is on, 27 days until Baby Munck's due date! So, we thought we would do a poll. The poll is located in the top right corner of the blog.






For inquiring minds I'm still 50/50 on whether Baby Munck is a boy or girl. I have had pregnancy symptoms that some days make me think, Oh this is a BOY! Then I have other days that make me think, DEFINITELY a girl! But most often I would say I think BOY....but if you remember I thought Ruth Ella was a boy:)

The question I'm asked most often right now is, "well, what do you hope the baby is"? To which I reply, "whatever the Lord gives us is what I want, because this child is a perfect gift from Him be it boy or girl"!

Everyone is getting very excited about another baby in the house, to hold, love, and cuddle. It seems this pregnancy has flown by so fast, hard for me to believe I'm 36 weeks along and that May 18 is just around the corner.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blog Catch-Up : Part 1

WOW, it's April 20th!!! We have been so busy that I haven't even opened my laptop in a week now! I have lots of things to blog about, and "many" blog friends that I need to catch-up on....I've missed visiting:) I could have written this blog post without pictures BUT really what's a post without pictures? I'm like one of my littles who made the comment not long ago "Mama, what's a book without pictures"?....So, I like to blog with pictures;) Plus, this blog is to help journal our happenings for our children, that means pictures and "words" I better get on the stick!

The last weekend in March, this was the sight I saw in the girls bedroom floor. Bags packed and ready to head out to Vision Forum Father/Daughter Retreat at Callaway Gardens. Arthur and the girls had a wonderful time, you can see some pictures from the retreat on their blog.

Well, that left 6 boys, 1 toddler girl, our store with over 30 dogs boarding (last weekend of Spring break), and Me a very pregnant Mama at home to hold down the fort! We were very blessed and with a team of very good boys and an awesome young man leader Madison, the weekend went very smooth! The littles enjoyed their time at the store with all the dogs, the above picture was lunch time at Great Doggie Doos!

Miss Ruth Ella did just great Friday and Saturday at the store, which we such a blessing! I wasn't sure how she would do spending so much time in the Pack & Play....since we only use it for sleeping while on vacation. She is a "Dog Lover" so often we found she was just watching all the dog happenings, and calling out to us to bring them for a closer look.

The kids have been working on learning to Fly Fish! Their PaPaw has been teaching them to cast, and we're hoping that we can all hit the water soon to try our hand at it!

It was my birthday on March 29th, and my sweet family gave me a wonderful birthday party. They decorated, Elizabeth made yummy cupcakes in my favorite color green, and they took me out for dinner to our families favorite place Cracker Barrel. What a treat for this Mama!

My birthday gift, was ordered and arrived a few days after my birthday. This is something I have wanted for a "very" long time!!!! I was beyond shocked to be given this for my birthday! I absolutely love it, and as much as I have always like my Kitchen Aid mixer, well, the Bosch rules!!! The Bosch has kept me busy trying to think of what to try making next, and being pregnant it isn't hard to think of something :)

The city dug up our yard and all our neighbors as well....making a big mess!

This is what they were doing, putting in new water lines and hydrants. We now have a hydrant near our mailbox! Our yard still remains a nasty mess, that needs to be leveled and have seed put down. With Spring here and all the rain and storms we have been getting, it makes for lots of "MUD"! As all things this will be but a memory soon and new grass will be growing, nice thing is we now have a hydrant close by.....I pray we and our neighbors NEVER EVER have need for it!

There are a few that have enjoyed the dirt and mess!

This dirt mound in the from yard has severed well as great place for adventure and play...and not just for little boys!

So, that gets me started on my blog catch-up. Next I'll post the more on what is keeping the family so busy, besides daily life.

Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11 ?!?

My days in the past 2 weeks have truly been a BLUR!!!!!!!

It seems just yesterday it was winter and it felt as if the days literally crept by! The calendar seemed to stay on the same month for longer than 30-31 days! Now spring is here and the days are passing quicker than I can keep up....really how did it become April 11th so fast?

The past couple of weeks we have been busy, and well, my mind feels as if it looks like the picture above....all a BLUR!!!!

My body isn't moving fast like my mind, at this point in pregnancy there isn't anyway I could keep up with how fast my mind is working :) Thankfully it doesn't take to much energy to think fast and at random! Now to get focused and do a little sharing of our happenings....prayerfully not in random blur form ;)

Clear thoughts and pictures coming!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011





We have a mix of activity happening around our home and the store
these days. We are all doing well, just to busy to sit long enough to blog....
OR in my case just to tired by the time I can.
Like now I'm off to bed, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
We did here in Tennessee, with wonderful spring weather.