Thursday, April 21, 2011


The count down is on, 27 days until Baby Munck's due date! So, we thought we would do a poll. The poll is located in the top right corner of the blog.






For inquiring minds I'm still 50/50 on whether Baby Munck is a boy or girl. I have had pregnancy symptoms that some days make me think, Oh this is a BOY! Then I have other days that make me think, DEFINITELY a girl! But most often I would say I think BOY....but if you remember I thought Ruth Ella was a boy:)

The question I'm asked most often right now is, "well, what do you hope the baby is"? To which I reply, "whatever the Lord gives us is what I want, because this child is a perfect gift from Him be it boy or girl"!

Everyone is getting very excited about another baby in the house, to hold, love, and cuddle. It seems this pregnancy has flown by so fast, hard for me to believe I'm 36 weeks along and that May 18 is just around the corner.


Sunny said...

I love the excitement leading up to the birth of a baby. My guess is a boy. Glad you had such a wonderful birthday!

Deb said...

I'm guessing GIRL...everyone needs more girls to help with the cooking! When I was growing up, I wanted 5 boys! Thankfully, the Lord knew best and gave me 2 boys and 2 girls to round things out! I hope the last 4 weeks fly by with good health for you!

The Pauls' Family said...

I vote girl, of course you already know that :) Rosalie

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to say a girl. Cute little Ruth Ella needs a baby sister to play with and cuddle.


Neva 'Dele said...

Yay!!! Babies are a joy... My mom's due date is May 8th, but she says anytime. Most of us have been early. :) We are terribly excited! Congrats! {I think it's a girl.}

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

How exciting to think that very soon you will have a new little someone to love on!!

Delilah said...

I will say girl!! Everyone, I know including myself is having a girl:)

Theresa said...

Wow this pregnancy went faster for me than Ruth Ella. I can't believe "she" is almost here!

Miss you, love you. Happy Easter.

Amy said...

SO exciting!!! Can't wait to see if you will be adding a little boy or girl to your family. BTW, I love the new header.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

GIRL!!! Can't wait to find out!!!