Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog Catch Up: Part 2

At the end of March first of April, this pregnant Mama began having feelings of nesting mixed with spring fever! I talked over a few project ideas with Arthur and the children, they all said OK then began working towards our goals. In the next few days I'll share a few of the projects we have knocked off our list. The first one was finishing our laundry room. Arthur enlarged our laundry room some time ago, but never seemed to have the time to finish out the flooring or baseboards. But first Elizabeth and I had to pull down the wall paper on one wall, so Arthur could paint it.

Work in progress of tearing down wallpaper....

This half of the laundry room was the older half and it had vinyl floor....

This chest of drawers goes in the laundry room and holds hats, gloves, sun glasses, flashlights, and (kids) seasonal items. Well, the chest needed a face lift! Madison sanded it down and painted it for me. He did a great job, and it now looks like a completely different chest.


The finished chest....

I'm so thrilled to have the laundry room wall painted, the flooring down, and the baseboards put in. I continue to go into the laundry room and think Wow, this feels like a new house.

The rest of this post and pictures are a few of our happenings, not Mama projects.....just life and fun!

James and his younger brothers came up with a swing and pulley. James was the strongest and got a real workout from lifting the other boys.

I love to see the things those boys come up with when left to play and use their imagination!

James has kept himself busy planting tree saplings by our creek. They all seem to be doing well, and he has take such pride in his work.

This is a project Madison started and his Daddy had to help him out a bit in the beginning.

At this point Madison knew what to do and took over from here. Madison has great plans to expand the fort, he has phase 1 complete.

The new deck is down.....

The boys are enjoying phase 1, now when time permits Madison will start on phase 2.

2 weeks ago William, Stephen, and James finished their second math books for this school year.

We use Math-U-See, each of the boys have worked very diligently to accomplish this task. They were so excited about it, now each one is on to their third book.

Those are a few of our happenings in the past few weeks, and there are more to share.


Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Love love love the laundry room. I so wish we had a laundry room. : ) It looks fantastic. What fun with boys. I pray one day Zion has a brother to build things with.

Anonymous said...

Your laundry room looks so nice. I need to paint ours but can't seem to every stop having to do laundry long enough to get the place painted. :)
Madison is quite the builder.


Ruby's Mom said...

Your laundry room looks great!
We use Math U See,too.I'm going to be attending the Homeschool Bookfair here in Arlington,Texas this weekend and I'm so excited to get to meet Mr.Demme!

mommyx12 said...

Yes, I agree, your laundry room is nice. It could be a sitting room!! Mine on the other hand. Well, not so nice. Organized, yes, but nice? Well, it's not so bad I suppose. The nicest thing I think I have in it are the 2 washers. They are my life saver when it comes to laundry. Then the shelves full of bins with children's clothes in it are the second best thing. Having everything in one room is great!! No clothes under beds, stashed under blankets, or any of the other places children usually find a place to scoot, stuff, or hide their clothes!!

Great job on the math boys!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Wow! Your laundry room looks great!!! Nice job on the dresser! We use MUS also and like it. The deck looks good, can't wait to see the next part done!

Lynda said...

I have heard great things about Math U See but it wasn't around when we homeschooled. I LOVE all the projects - - from the laundry room to the trees and swing and fort. Hooray for creativity having a chance to manifest itself.

Amy said...

Love the laundry room or we call it the washroom!!! It looks GREAT.

JennyH said...

I love this whole post. Your family is helpful and creative. Love the laundry room! It looks so nice.