Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blog Catch Up: Part 3

Vision Forum
Father/Daughter Retreat
March 2011

I was thrilled when we received (last week) the picture of the Father/Daughter retreat. Arthur and our 3 oldest daughters have enjoyed attending this retreat. The conference part of the retreat is always an encouragement, the High Tea is a special time, and the weekend together with just their Daddy is priceless! I encourage you to look into this event for your husbands and daughters, they wouldn't be disappointed. You can also go to Vision Forum and purchase the 2008 Father/Daughter Conference on CD, it has some wonderful topics.

If you would like to see what our daughters thought of the retreat you can read about it on their blog HERE 2011 retreat or HERE 2010 retreat. You can also see "lots" more pictures of the event as well.


Cinnamon said...

Beautiful picture of your dear family Laura~ What a special time indeed to spend an entire wknd with their Papa!

I love your newly painted laundry room. My kitchen is being painted too. But it's taking a bit longer :-)

I love reading all your updates. How are you feeling? Well? Resting? Nesting? Baking goodies to store away in the freezer?

How scary that tornado must have been. We've had to get down in our basement a few times since we moved here 5 yrs ago. Thank the Lord nothing ever got close to us though.

So good catching up with you~


Anonymous said...

The girls looked so lovely. I'm glad to hear they had a good time.
BTW - I sent you an email about the conference. Hope you received it.


mommyx12 said...

How great that they got to attend the retreat. Each year I am always hoping it work out for our family but it never does. Hopefully before they all are grown and gone we'll get to do it at least once. I'll have to catch what they wrote on their blog.

Amanda said...

Such a sweet picture. Just curious, did the girls make those dresses for the retreat? They're very flattering but modest. :)