Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blog Catch Up!!

I have been working hard over the past few weeks to catch up on our family happenings and post them on the blog. I have had lots of pictures loaded and awaiting words or a story to go along with the pictures. I now have several blog post scheduled and working on a few more. Some may wonder why in the world at this point I would even bother to share these past happenings. Well, these happenings may not mean much to those who stop by our blog, but it means a lot to our family. This blog was originally created to chronicle our families milestones, day to day life, and happenings hopes one day I'll get it made into a book for our family to have for years to come.

I just wasn't aware that in creating a blog that it would be more than just to chronicle our family life. But it has become so much more, it's opened our family up to share with our friends and family. The added bonus is all the "new" friends we have made, what a blessing it has been!


Beth said...

Oh I agree!! I play catch up too when I get behind!!! I don't do baby books or journals - this is how I track everything that we do and all that happens!!

Looking forward to the updates!

Cinnamon said...

I am so glad you do blog. Catching up is always a task but you are so right, a great way to record life at home!


Lynda said...

I'm in it for the same reasons as you are and have received the wonderful benefits, too!