Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Garden Time

Blog Catch Up: PART 4

When weather started to warm here the end of March first of April, we noticed lettuce growing in one of our vegetable boxes. We were a little shocked since we hadn't planted any lettuce since last spring. After we were done with the lettuce (it didn't grow well last spring) last year we then planted cucumbers in that box.

To our surprise the lettuce really began to take off, so we sat back and watched it grow!

And grow it did!!!!!

William was so excited to help Elizabeth pull up the lettuce. We ate on this huge bunch of lettuce for over a week, and it was delicious! Next spring we are going to try and plant lettuce, and hope it does as well and our surprise lettuce:)

The end of April we decided to get our vegetable beds ready and planted. Our little herb box had oregano come back from last year and it is doing fantastic.

William helping to turn the dirt and ready the beds for plants.....

Miss Ruth Ella was helping in the zucchini bed...

Wesley was eager to help and carried the plants to me.....

Bell Peppers....

Our little garden has taken off and growing, we have blooms on our zucchini, a few tomatoes, 2 small bell peppers, and our cucumbers are now big enough to start to climb....we look forward to eating our fresh veggies soon!

We would love to have a "huge" in ground garden BUT, due to our....

Lake Front property when it rains it prevents us from having our dream garden!

No, we don't live next to a river just a very active creek, and you never know when it will decide to spill over into our backyard! The picture above was from last spring. We placed our above ground beds on a raised area in our backyard, thankfully the water never got higher than you see in the picture. We hope we don't have a flood this year, and then we won't have to worry our little garden.


Anonymous said...

We have garden beds too as well as pots placed all over the place. Last year I had a flower growing in one pot. It never did very well. It was supposed to be an annual. When the plant died, I just left in the pot intending to repot in the spring. When spring hit, the plant started growing again and is doing much better this year. Maybe these rogue plants are the way to go. My in-laws had a similar experience with Roma tomatoes that began growing like wildfire the second season after planting.
Enjoy all your bountiful produce. Your lettuce looked wonderful.


Cinnamon said...

Oh my!! All that rain! Your garden looks wonderful. So orderly and perfect. We plant bell peppers too. Our children love to eat them like they are apples so this year I am planting more. That and cherry tomatoes.

Loved the pregnant picture of you :-)


Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Oh how I wish we had a garden this year. We had one last year but with so much time in the NICU around planting time things got delayed and then the garden was in the afternoon shade too much so it didn't turn out too well. This year Jeremy is working too much and I don't "feel" like tackling a garden alone with 3 under 5 and a big pregnant belly. So Lord willing next year. : )

Your garden looks great. Love the huge lettuce! What a blessing.

Laura said...

Wow! That lettuce is amazing! I'm hoping to have a very sunny spot in our yard when we move. We have too many big shady trees to have a good garden now.